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3/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/08/2023 - 8:34am

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National Security News Content:

1. Special Ops Community Transforming to Meet Current, Future Challenges
3. Russia remains a ‘very capable’ cyber adversary, Nakasone says
4. We’ve entered a new Cold War with China
5. Mar 8: Colin Freeman- I spied on the Russians- with a little help from 'Negroni'
6. March Is Women’s History Month, But Not in Iran
7. Big AUKUS news coming, but Hill and allies see tech sharing snags
8. Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say
9. Special Operations Boss Vows to Stamp Out 'Corrosive' Misconduct After String of Problems
10. USAF Special Ops Buys MQ-9B SkyGuardians To Test Air-Launched Drone Concepts
11. The Daring Ruse That Exposed China’s Campaign to Steal American Secrets
12. AFSOC Teaches Cultural and Air Ops Skills in New Course for Multi-Capable Airmen
13. ChatGPT has thrown gasoline on fears of a U.S.-China arms race on AI
14. China is restructuring key government agencies to outcompete rivals in tech
15. Weaponized balloons challenge US air superiority – quite littoral
16. Semafor partners with Chinese Communist Party-linked think tank
18. America Is Too Scared of the Multipolar World
19. Pentagon publishes new 'Joint Concept for Competing,' warning that adversaries aim to 'win without fighting'
20. Submarines Will Reign in a War with China
21. Is the Ukraine War an Anti-Colonial Struggle?
22. The Astonishing Endurance of Unity on Ukraine
23. Cyberattacks Are Just One Part of Hybrid Warfare
24. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to meet Taiwan's president in the U.S., sources say

Korean News Content:

1. Biden to host April state visit for South Korean leader Yoon
2. Japan Hails Korean Plan to Compensate Forced Labor Victims
3. Taiwan's Per-Capita Income Overtakes Korea's
4. Yoon to meet Biden in late April to bolster ROK-US alliance
5. S. Korea rejects N. Korea's claim of artillery firing near inter-Korean border
6. Exclusive: Seoul approved Poland's export of howitzers with S.Korean parts to Ukraine, official says
7. Minister requests Britain's role in persuading N. Korea to give up nukes, missiles
8. S. Korea to accelerate Quad working group participation: official
9. South Korea: Kim's daughter enjoys horseback riding, skiing
10. Yoon's summit with Biden to highlight S. Korea's 'pivotal' role in region: US experts
11. South Korea to launch military drone unit in July
12. North Korea says women should have many children, support parents-in-law
13. North Korea Not Happy With B-52s Flying Over South Korea
14. Kim Yo Jong Joins the North’s Chorus Threatening Response to South Korea-US Military Drills
15. Looming Korean nuclear crisis shows world’s need for deep thinking like George Yeo’s