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3/31/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 6:58am

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National Security News Content:

3. Ukraine War Update - March 30, 2022 | SOF News
4. U.S. says Putin being misled, as Ukraine refugee tally hits 4 million
5. Volodymyr Zelensky and The Dangers of Worship Culture
6. The Pentagon is now calling Russia an ‘acute threat’
7. Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates has a Signal for President Putin
8. One Of Russia’s Newest Air Defense Systems Has Been Captured In Ukraine
9. Cold War II and Biden’s new ‘new world order’
10. No one believes Biden has a red line in Ukraine after Obama’s Syria debacle
11. How to prevent China from coming to Russia's rescue | Opinion
12. FDD | Administration’s Iran Nuclear Deal Claims Do Not Stand Up to Reality
13. How drones are helping fuel propaganda in Ukraine
14. Zelenskyy recalls Ukraine’s ambassadors to Morocco and Georgia
15. Vladimir Putin’s New Alter Ego Is Igor Strelkov
16. Putin Has Admitted He Can't Conquer Ukraine
17. U.K. intelligence chief says Putin's Plan B is "more barbarity against civilians" in Ukraine
18. The upcoming defense strategy dubs Russia an 'acute threat.' What does that mean?
19. Ukrainian president says defense is at a 'turning point'
20. "Guide to Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Great-Power Competition": What it actually says
21.  After Russia Invaded Ukraine, a U.S. Nonprofit Shifted Its Mission
22. Ukrainian Hackers Take Aim at Russian Artillery, Navigation Signals
23. What is the Wagner Group?
24. Tulsi Gabbard And Tucker Carlson Featured In Stunning Exchange On Russian TV
25. A New Framework for Understanding and Countering China's Gray Zone Tactics
26. Civilian group with US military links raising money to supply Ukrainian fighters

Korean News Content:

1. Satellite imagery shows 'unusual' movement of N. Korean ballistic missile submarine: U.S. monitor
2. USFK reveals special ops training following N.K. ICBM launch
3. Belgian envoy voices concern about impact on N. Korea from Ukraine crisis
4. New book provides suggestions to incoming Yoon administration about its N. Korea policy
5. N. Korea calls on party officials to wipe out anti-socialist practices
6. Database formed on human rights abuse in N. Korea's penal facilities: British group
7. S. Korea, U.S. sign military document for war plan update
8. 1st workshop for N. Korean ruling party propaganda officials
9. North Korea not telling the whole truth about latest ICBM test, South Korean official says
10. Debris fell 'like rain' over Pyongyang, says lawmaker
11. Lessons from Reagan administration for Korea's new president
12. Tokyo fancies possible Japan-US-Korea alliance with change of leader in Seoul
13. As it happened: South Korea’s deadly omicron experiment
14. Testing times: why North Korea’s missile launches should worry the west
15. Former President Park Geun-hye, “The dreams that I haven’t achieved are now up to others”