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3/29/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 03/29/2024 - 9:47am

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National Security News Content:

1. The Army doesn’t have enough PSYOP soldiers to fight the information war, IG says
2. Giving ATACMS to Ukraine no longer as risky, says Joint Chiefs chairman
3. US. Military and Countering the Fentanyl Epidemic | SOF News
4. Opinion: Why I’m resigning from the State Department
5. Baltimore bridge collapse: Insurance loss could hit $3bn
6. Troops Still Aren't Getting Enough Sleep, and the Defense Department Isn't Taking Responsibility, Watchdog Says
7. Opinion | What’s happened in Afghanistan since the U.S. withdrawal demands a reckoning
8. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 28, 2024
9. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 28, 2024
10. US. Military and Countering the Fentanyl Epidemic | SOF News
11. Army’s new vice chief seeks to drive strategic modernization
12. US leaders promise security for Gaza dock mission amid threat concerns
13. Recent Exercises Illustrate Taiwanese Military’s Emphasis on Decentralized Operations
14. US. Military and Countering the Fentanyl Epidemic | SOF News
15. Putin threatens striking Western air bases hosting Ukrainian F-16s
16. Evan Gershkovich’s Stolen Year in a Russian Jail
17. SOCOM calls for special ops veterans to report cancer screenings
18. Hamas Increasingly Seen as Main Cause of Gaza Humanitarian Crisis
19. Russia Doubled Imports of an Explosives Ingredient—With Western Help
20. Russia’s security services knew of ISIS threat before concert attack, new evidence from investigative body suggests
21. Is Biden listening to any of his military or intelligence advisers?
22. Cohesion, Performance, and Readiness: A Brigade-Level Experiment in the Art and Science of Organizational Culture
23. From Peril to Partnership: A Q&A with Author Paul Angelo
24. The New Autocratic Alliances
25. Overhaul UNRWA—Just Not Right Now
26. The West Needs a War Footing

Korean News Content:

1. Russia Blocks Extension of North Korea Sanctions Monitoring
2. South Korea’s two-year term in the UNSC: looking far and wide
3. Russia may have collected more weapons from North Korea
4. Ambassador to Australia resigns amid controversy over his appointment
5. Front-line commanders in S. Korea face burden amid manpower shortage
6. Desperate farmers in North Korea steal insulating plastic film from each other
7. S. Korea, U.S. stress close collaboration against N.K. cyberthreats during working group talks
8. Failed U.N. panel extension underscores deepening N.K.-Russia ties, security uncertainties
9. N. Korea revs up project to build factories with troops
10. Japan's PM voices willingness to push for summit with N. Korea
11. Drone Photos Of North Korea Provide Eerie Look Into Country
12. N. Korea's FM reaffirms unwillingness to talk with Japan over abduction issue
13. N. Korea advances toward field deployment of tactical nuclear weapons
14. Pro-North Korea friendship groups to gather in Pyongyang for first time in years
15. Failed UN panel extension unlikely to lead to more provocations by North: experts
16. Latest N. Korean phones are expensive but still popular
17. Arms agency completes deployment of advanced homegrown counter-battery radar
18. Space race between South, North heats up with launches expected in April