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3/28/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 03/28/2022 - 6:23am

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National Security News Content:

2. Volodymyr Zelensky on why Ukraine must defeat Putin
3. The true story about Russian lying
4. Here’s What Russia Did in Ukraine While You Were All Squabbling Over Biden’s ‘Attack’ on Putin
5. Putin wants ‘Korean scenario’ for Ukraine, says intelligence chief
6. If you want to help in Ukraine Please Consider Spirit of America
7. Ukraine’s warfare outmodes ‘psy-ops’
8. Ukrainian town near Chernobyl revolts against Russian occupiers
9. Instability brewer: Behind every war and turmoil in the world is shadow of the Star-Spangled Banner - Global Times
10. Ukraine's Intel Chief: We Have Sources In The Kremlin, But We Need Jets
11.  Zelensky opens the door for Ukraine neutrality in Russia peace deal
12. Biden’s Putin remark pushes U.S.-Russia relations closer to collapse
13. Analysis | Social media wasn’t ready for this war. It needs a plan for the next one.
14. Oft Forgotten But Critical Elements of Ukrainian Resistance
15. A Proxy War in Ukraine Is the Worst Possible Outcome — Except For All the Others
16. China’s Plan for Digital Dominance
17. The Ukrainian Exodus
18. Operation ‘brain drain’: Help Russian talent flow west

Korean News Content:

1.  N.K. leader says Pyongyang will further develop 'powerful strike means': state media
2. Allies view N. Korea's ICBM launch as involving Hwasong-15, not new missile: sources
3. Former commander Thurman said, “U.S. and South Korea need to resume large-scale real-world maneuvers… We need to deliver a strong message to North Korea.”
4. N. Korea opens photo exhibition marking decade of leader's rule
5. N.Korea’s ICBM launch crystallizes conflict among US, China, Russia
6. N. Korea carrying out construction at Punggye-ri nuclear test site: sources
7. Some experts predict Pyongyang could conduct the country’s next nuclear test within the year
8. S. Korea on alert for N. Korea's additional provocations
9. S. Korean, U.S., Japanese nuclear envoys discuss N. Korea's ICBM test
10. S. Korean volunteers deployed to front-line units in Ukraine: official
11. Elderly man sentenced to forced labor in Yanggang Province for contacting outside world
12. No security vacuum from the relocation
13. N. Hamgyong Province branch of unified command on anti-socialist behavior comes under investigation