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3/26/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 03/26/2022 - 12:28pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Forces Halt Kyiv Advance as Kremlin Says Donbass Was Only Goal All Along
2. War in Ukraine: Change of emphasis or admission of failure by Moscow?
3. Russia Abandons March on Kyiv, Focuses Embattled Troops Instead on Donbas
4. In Ukraine, Russian Activity Now More Focused on Donbas Than Kyiv
6. Vladimir Putin on the run? Russia says it will scale back its Ukraine invasion to focus on 'liberating' the eastern Donbas region 'and save face' after losing 20 BATTALIONS
7. Russian commander run over ‘deliberately’ by his own troops in Ukraine, officials say
9. The new Russian cult of war
10. Russia Was Losing the Information War. Then Fox News Stepped In.
11. Op-Ed: Ukraine — Redefining the role of modern special forces in a ground war
12. Alert the Fifth Force: Counterinsurgency, Unconventional Warfare, and Psychological Operations of the United States Air Force in Special Air Warfare
13. Special Operations News Update - March 26, 2022 | SOF News
14. Supreme Court restores Pentagon's authority over deployment of unvaccinated SEALs
15. Russia’s failures in Ukraine imbue Pentagon with newfound confidence
16, How NATO ‘woke up’: The response to Putin’s war
17. Did Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Damage Russia's Ability to Sell Weapons?
18. Yes, US Green Berets Helped Ukraine Train for a War with Russia
19. That Time US Forces Tore Hundreds of Russian Wagner Group Mercenaries to Pieces in Syria
20. Ukraine, Taiwan, the Koreas: Is the world tilting toward major wars?
21. Constellis company Triple Canopy wins $1.3 billion State Department WPS III Baghdad contract
22. The Lost Reason Russia Is Losing in Ukraine: The Information Economy Problem

Korean News Content:

1. KDVA: Joint Message Regarding North Korean Missile Launches
2. N.K. media boast of ICBM launch 'success'
3. US experts and defector diplomats "Kim Jong-un's remarks of 'long-term confrontation with the US' are bluffs, endangering both residents and the military"
4. China’s protection of North Korea should stop
5. Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield in Response to China and Russia at a UN Security Council Briefing on the DPRK
6. Russia says it has agreed to coordinate with China on North Korea
7. China calls for restraint regarding nuclear issue on Korean Peninsula
8. North Korea launches first ICBM since 2017, ending self-imposed moratorium
9. US calls for stiffer UN sanctions against North Korea
10. Why Does North Korea Want ICBMs?
11. Experts: North Korea's New ICBM May Carry Multiple Nuclear Warheads
12.  U.S. will introduce new UNSC resolution to strengthen sanctions on N. Korea: U.S. envoy
13. Three principles for the transition
14. North Korea's ICBM launch complicates President-elect Yoon's defense vision
15. What to Expect for US-ROK Relations and Inter-Korean Relations Under Yoon Suk-yeol