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3/25/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 03/25/2024 - 9:38am

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National Security News Content:

1. How the deadliest attack on Russian soil in years unfolded over the weekend

2. Attack on Russian Concert Hall Threatens Putin’s Strongman Image

3. What Would You Have Israel Do to Defend Itself?

4. In fiscal 2025, bet on Congress or begin to pivot

5. ISIS Affiliate Linked to Moscow Attack Has Global Ambitions

6. Special Operations News - March 25, 2024 | SOF News

7. US and Japan plan biggest upgrade to security pact in over 60 years

8. Army puts drones front and center in unfunded wishlist

9. Is Al-Qaeda Now In Moscow? – OpEd

10. Thailand starts aid deliveries to Myanmar under plan aimed at managing conflict

11. Indo-Pacific Command to Harness AI for Operational Planning

12. With Eyes on China, US Special Operators Are Back to Battling the Jungle

13. A Chinese Invasion of Taiwan This Year? Maybe Not

14. ‘It’s Causing Them to Drop Out of Life’: How Phones Warped Gen Z

15. The Institution or the Constitution (COVID and the Military)

16. The Great Escape: Welshman inspired Steve McQueen role

17. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once? Cyberspace Operations and Chinese Strategy

18. The Icarus Trap: Arrogance, Misperception, and the U.S. Invasion of Iraq

19. The Tyranny of Expectations

20. Putin’s Hidden Weakness

Korean News Content:

1. Sirens Sound, Anxieties Rise on Tiny Island Near North Korean Shores

2. Inside a Top-Secret U.S. Military Bunker as North Korea Tensions Rise

3. US and Japan plan biggest upgrade to security pact in over 60 years

4. Kim Jong-un inspects tank unit, first to enter Seoul during Korean War

5. N.K. leader's sister says Japan's PM proposed summit with Kim

6. Editorial: Opposition leader’s remark ‘what does Cross-Strait issue have to do with Korea?’ sparks concerns

7. Minister calls on U.S. Congress to back Seoul's unification vision

8. N. Korean official calls for boosting ties with China

9. ‘If Trump wins, Yoon may be pushed aside in US talks with North Korea’

10. UN investigating claims of rampant North Korean wildlife trafficking in Africa

11. US delays vote to extend UN sanctions panel on North Korea

12. N. Korea orders delay in discharge of troops in tank, artillery, and communications units

13. North Korea’s markets see rise in imported feminine hygiene products

14. Anti-piracy Cheonghae Unit returns home from deployment

15. Breakaway parties roil South Korea’s two-party system