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3/25/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 03/25/2022 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine’s troops begin a counteroffensive that alters shape of the battle with Russia.
3. Putin's war in Ukraine nearing possibly more dangerous phase
4. NATO Ignores Zelenskyy’s Plea For 1% of Its Tanks, Jets
5. U.K. Says Russian Mercenary Group Aims to Assassinate Ukraine’s President
6. Ukraine War Update - March 25, 2022 | SOF News
7. Ukraine tells the US it needs 500 Javelins and 500 Stingers per day
8. IntelBrief: The Impact of Security Cooperation and Building Partner Capacity in Ukraine
9. The US Army's Green Berets quietly helped tilt the battlefield a little bit more toward Ukraine
10. What Happens in Russia If Putin Can’t Win in Ukraine?
11. Instead of consumer software, Ukraine’s tech workers build apps of war
12. Why the U.S. Was Wrong About Ukraine and the Afghan War
13. A circular firing squad is forming in the Kremlin, with everyone pointing their guns at each other:
14. Russia 'is planning false flag attacks on its own cities - blamed on Ukraine
15. Prepare for covert war in Ukraine
16. Deter Russia’s Use of Chemical Weapons in Ukraine
17. FDD | Tehran to Pocket Billions From Lower Import Costs if Sanctions Are Lifted
18. China and Solomon Islands Draft Secret Security Pact, Raising Alarm in the Pacific
19. Ukraine should provide Japan’s wake-up call
20. First Army Warfighter Exercise in Pacific will take on large-scale operations
21. How Strategic Messaging Can Help Turn Putin Around
22. Piercing the Fog of War: What Is Really Happening in Ukraine?
23. 23. FDD | Engines of Influence: Turkey’s Defense Industry Under Erdogan
24. Putin’s Real Fear: Ukraine’s Constitutional Order
25. Ukraine’s Three-to-One Advantage
26. Russian Ship Burning in Ukraine Harbor, Hit by Missile Strike
27. Russian warship, Go F**k Yourself – A Short History of Wartime Taunts

Korean News Content:

1. South Korean President-Elect Yoon Suk-Yeol’s Early Foreign Policy Challenges
2. N. Korea confirms 'successful' test-firing of Hwasong-17 ICBM
3. Yoon warns N. Korea will gain nothing from provocations after ICBM launch
4. New Sanctions Under the Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Act (INKSNA)
5.Kim Jong Un’s Latest Missile Test Officially Puts America ‘At Risk’
6. N. Korea says it test-fired biggest ICBM, US adds sanctions
7. Yoon calls on Xi to cooperate closely for N.K. denuclearization
8. Hawasong-17 ICBM Test Proves America's North Korea Policy Has Failed
9. North Korea's New ICBM: Built to Hit America With Multiple Nuclear Warheads
10. North Korea Just Openly Tested Its First ICBM Since 2017 And It's A Monster
11. S. Korea holds rare training involving F-35A fighters after N.K. ICBM launch
12. Yoon may visit former President Park prior to meeting Moon
13. Outgoing power’s obsession with authority over personnel affairs
14. Give South Korea Nuclear Weapons
15. Kim Jong-un stars in wild "Top Gun"-style North Korea missile launch video
16. Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability: North Korean Hackers Bring Threats to US Targets, Same One in Past Years
17. Kim Jong Un’s Latest Missile Test Officially Puts America ‘At Risk’



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