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3/24/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 03/24/2024 - 12:02pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Harvard Seniors Split on 2024 Commencement Speaker Maria Ressa
2. Let’s Say Someone Did Drop the Bomb. Then What?
3. Is Nuclear Deterrence Ethical and Legal? by Sir Lawrence Freedman
4. China’s Dispute With Taiwan Is Playing Out Near This Frontline Island
5. Taiwan Declares Chinese Social Media App TikTok A National Security Threat
6. The secret operation to hold elections in occupied Mariupol
7. As China prepares to invade Taiwan, US forces are about to combat-test a vital weapon
8. U.S. Army Seeking Retirees To Come Back To Work Amid Manpower Crisis
9. Ukraine's Patriot kills of Russian planes and missiles have turned a US air-defense weapon with a troubled past into a hero
10. Clausewitz, the Culminating Point of Victory, and Israel’s Perilous Rafah Operation
11. The Age of the M1 Abrams Tank Is Coming to an End
12. Large Language Models’ Emergent Abilities Are a Mirage
13. Ukraine: Russian strikes in Kyiv facilitated by US sat-data purchase
14. Foreign governments stand with Philippines after latest incident in Ayungin Shoal
15. Two Russian Black Sea fleet ships hit in "massive" Crimea strike
16. The Bolduc Brief: Afghanistan Revisited- Lessons from a General’s Perspective
17. India Emerges 'World’s Biggest' Military Training Partner Of U.S. As Both Look To Check 'Hostile' China
18. The disinformation war has taken a toll, but researchers feel a shift ahead of 2024 election
19. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 23, 2024
20. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 23, 2024

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea, China commit to bolster ties in high-level Beijing talks
2. U.S. lawmakers to visit S. Korea this week: sources
3. N. Korean leader sends condolences to Putin over Russian concert hall shooting
4. ROK, U.S. commandos at Freedom Shield 24 prepare for the unexpected
5. It’s in China’s best interest to rein in a nuclearised North Korea
6. Bad News: South Korea Guts KF-21 Fighter Order By Half
7. Denuclearization and humbleness
8. Funding squeeze for Japan’s North Korean schools over propaganda concerns
9. Harrowing film on North Korean escapees, snubbed by Oscars, hits hard in Seoul
10. The dark side of N. Korea’s efforts to speedily complete housing projects