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3/22/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 03/22/2022 - 9:53am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine retakes key Kyiv suburb; battle for Mariupol rages
3. Biden says Putin is weighing use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, without citing evidence
4. Lawmakers urge intel officials to declassify Russian war crimes info
5. ‘They own the long clock’ — How the Russian military is starting to adapt in Ukraine
6. Activists are targeting Russians with open-source "protestware"
7. Ukraine War Update - March 22, 2022 | SOF News
8. White House Bureaucracy Is Costing Ukrainian Lives, Senators Say
9. Duty Bound to Disaster: Beware the Imperative in Foreign Policymaking
10. The US Needs a Center to Counter Foreign Malign Influence at Home
11. Opinion | Against all odds, Ukrainians are winning. Russia’s initial offensive has failed.
12. China and Russia’s military relationship likely to deepen with Ukraine war
13. Opinion | The West underestimated Ukraine’s bravery. Now, it’s underestimating Russia’s brutality.
14. Opinion | The Grand Theory Driving Putin to War
15. Putin’s War Is a Death Blow to Nuclear Nonproliferation
16. FDD | Assad Visits the UAE, Showing Need for Tougher Enforcement of U.S. Sanctions
17. Iran’s Hackers Are Opportunistic, Patient, and Fearless
18. FDD | Vandenberg Coalition Afghanistan Working Group Report
19. FDD | Dropping IRGC from blacklist would be boon for terrorism
20. The Cyber-Delusion- Digital Threats Are Manageable, Not Existential
21. The Toll of Economic War - How Sanctions on Russia Will Upend the Global Order
22. Jeopardizing national security: What is happening to our Marine Corps?
23. Ukraine-California Ties Show Worth of National Guard Program
24. Why Can’t We Admit That Ukraine Is Winning?
25. Criminal hackers are preying on the world’s sympathies for Ukraine
26. A New Period of Consequences
27. Linda Chavez on Why Russian Propagandists Love Fox News
28. Our Nasty, Stupid, Frivolous Cancel Culture Fights (That We’re Lucky Enough to Have)

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon says N.K.'s recent artillery firing a violation of inter-Korean military agreement
2. Defense minister rebuffs President-elect over NK's violation of military accord
3. Defense Ministry to seek permanent deployment of US strategic assets in South Korea
4.  Moon vows to fulfill his duty as commander-in-chief until end of term
5. White House said to be role model for Yoon's presidential office reform
6. Defense ministry considering reactivating EDSCG to discuss U.S. strategic asset deployment
7. Defense chief warns of difficulties relocating ministry at short notice
8. Conflict intensifies over relocation of presidential office
9. Yoon, Moon butt heads over moving president's office
10. Russia, North Korea discuss developing relations
11. <Inside N. Korea> The State of Emergency Ensues with Coronavirus Expansion in China. Night curfew, quarantine in cold symptoms. Construction along the border has been halted too.
12.  <Inside N. Korea> Regime Maintains 8 Year Enlistment Policy but Shifts Focus to Training University Graduates for “Scientific Warfare”
13. North Korea investigates farmers for unregistered cattle