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3/21/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 03/21/2024 - 8:46am

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. Special Operations Officials Underscore Continued Role in Deterring Conflict
2.  Full Committee Hearing: U.S. Military Posture and National Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific Region
3. Building upon McRaven’s Foundation: Operational and Strategic Principles of Special Air Operations
4. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 20, 2024
5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 20, 2024
6. A Suspicious Pattern Alarming the Ukrainian Military
7. U.S. vs Russian "Hybrid Warfare" Doctrine: A Comparative Glance
8. The War in Ukraine After The Russian Election by Mick Ryan
9. US TikTok Ban a Flashpoint in US-China Cyberwar
10. America Is Sliding Toward Chinese-Style Capitalism
11. Innocents and War: Contemporary Reflections, Permanent Dilemmas
12. Taiwan and US are playing dangerous game off Quemoy
13. A Mexican Drug Cartel’s New Target? Seniors and Their Timeshares
14. The One Idea That Could Save American Democracy
15. Senior leaders worry DOD pay models don’t reflect demands on troops
17. ‘Ghost Army’ that fooled Hitler will receive Congress’s highest honor
18. Risch on SFRC Passage of Unqualified State Department Nominees
19. Russian Electronic Warfare: From History to Modern Battlefield
20. Special operations face growing demand amid potential cuts, top commander says
21. Naval Special Warfare 8 commodore relieved due to ‘loss of confidence’
22. China's grey-zone provocations: Time to reciprocate
23. The Attritional Art of War: Lessons from the Russian War on Ukraine
24. The fallacy of soft power
25. A More European NATO
26.Learning from the War on Terror
27. U.S. to review Israeli assurances it is not violating international law
28. Delay, Disrupt, Degrade: Mine Warfare in Taiwan’s Porcupine Defense
29. How the US Neoliberal Shift Fed China’s Rise

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. must continue to invest in 28,500 American troops in S. Korea: USFK commander
2. Full Committee Hearing: U.S. Military Posture and National Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific Region
3. Explore Pacific Forum's Insightful Indo-Pacific Analysis
4. 'Malicious' N.K. cyberactivities account for half of foreign currency income, fund WMD programs: UN report
5. S. Korea, U.S. agree to form consultative body to address N. Korea's oil smuggling
6. Are Sanctions Worsening Conditions for North Koreans?
7. North Korean citizens ordered to provide cloths for soldiers to wrap their feet
8. China may try to influence South Korea's general elections: experts
9. Son of S. Korean missionary detained in N. Korea urges int'l support for repatriation
10. Russian troupe performs 'Sleeping Beauty' in Pyongyang
11. Much fewer N. Korean soldiers will participate in live-fire drills this year
12. NK's illicit cyber activities fund 40% of WMD program: UN report
13. USFK chief says U.S. should maintain 28,500 troops in Korea amid Trump fears
14. Dior can't confirm authenticity of handbag of Kim Jong-un's sister
15. North Korean clones of US drones show Kim’s ambitions, Aquilino says
16. Battling the Numbers: South Korea’s Military Downsizes Amid Challenging Demographic Landscape