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3/19/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 9:16am

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National Security News Content:

1. OPEN LETTER TO A USSOCOM COMMANDER – Bureaucratically Dominate to Operationally Dominate

2. Special Ops Builds on Strengths as it Charts Future

3. Blinken Warns of Disinformation Threat to Democracies

4. It’s not just a theory. TikTok’s ties to Chinese government are dangerous.

5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 18, 2024

6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 18, 2024

7. Israel Sending Delegation to Washington to Discuss U.S. Concerns Over Rafah Invasion

8. Taiwan’s Tough Call on How to Stop China: Bigger Weapons or Lots of Cheap Ones

9. Biden Weakens America’s Global Clout

10. Israeli forces raid Gaza City hospital; U.S. confirms death of top Hamas leader

11. SASC chair anticipates push for ‘significant reforms’ in 2025 NDAA to help Pentagon acquire new tech

12. Army aims to equip a division with hand-held counter-drone gear

13.The Leaked Russian Nuclear Documents and Russian First Use of Nuclear Weapons

14. Ukraine’s Impossible Choice: Conceding Territory or Lives

15. Vladimir Putin Says He Is Ready for Peace in Ukraine, but Only on His Terms

16. Friends in Low Places? Behind South Africa's New Genocide Case Against Israel

17. Congress Needs to Do More Than Just Exercise Its War Powers

18. Combatant commanders head to Capitol Hill to face budget questions

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. watchful for N. Korea's 'gray zone' activities shy of attack: Washington official

2. N.K. leader guides firing drills involving super-large multiple rocket launchers

3. Russian cultural delegation visits N. Korea amid deepening ties

4. Relations between Japan and South Korea are blossoming

5. South Korea To 'Junk' US SM-2 Missiles; Will Go Indigenous For Next-Gen KDDX Destroyers To Check North

6. <Inside N. Korea> Implementation of the large-scale restructuring of trading companies (1) Called “anti-socialist hotbeds,” government forces ‘bases’ of trading companies to close down and consolidate

7. COVID symptoms kill 5 North Korean children, schools and daycares shuttered

8. Seoul outranks Tokyo and London as the 16th most expensive city in the world

9. Two opposing views of “North Korean Defectors’ Day” in North Korea

10. Online searches for Kim Ju Ae spike after N. Korean news uses special honorifics

11. Behind N. Korea’s lockdown of Kaesong in July 2020

12. Presidential election in Taiwan: its implications for Seoul

13. North's Kim threatens to destroy Seoul during multiple rocket launch drill

14. Combatant commanders head to Capitol Hill to face budget questions

15. N. Korea resumes provocations in 33 days