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3/18/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 03/18/2022 - 9:31am

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National Security News Content:

2. No Russian Shelling on Ukraine Observed in Last 24 Hours, DOD Official Says
3. Street warfare: How organized riots are the future of conflict
4. Foreign Fighters from Asia in Ukraine? Prospects and Possibilities
5. Ukrainians have found mystery warheads that look like darts. They're Russia's new weapon.
6. Putin’s Failure Is Biden’s Opportunity
7. Russian strikes hit outskirts of Ukrainian capital and Lviv
8. Putin likens opponents to 'gnats,' signaling new repression
9. Marine Corps unveils ‘influence officers’ for information fight
10. What the Reported Deaths of 4 Russian Generals Mean About the Fighting in Ukraine
11. Contrary to Russian media reports, 3 Tennessee Guardsmen were not killed in Ukraine
12. Why Vladimir Putin Invokes Nazis to Justify His Invasion of Ukraine
13. Analysis | What a Russia-Ukraine peace deal might look like
14. These are the contenders for rebranding Army posts with Confederate namesakes
15. The False Promise of Arming Insurgents
16. Opinion | Watching Russia’s military failures is exhilarating. But a cornered Putin is dangerous.
17. Biden's EIKO Sanctions Concession Is a Gift to the Ayatollahs
18. FDD | Team Biden Runs the Syria Playbook on Ukraine
19. Ukraine War Update - March 18, 2022 | SOF News
20. The war in Ukraine will determine how China sees the world
21.  Arnold Schwarzenegger urges Russians to overcome government disinformation
22. 'Can One Man Save the World' song about Zelensky takes internet by storm
23. Yes, Ukraine Could Beat Russia
24. A future defense triad: A new deterrence strategy for the 21st century
25. 'Fed-up' Biden wants Xi Jinping to disavow Russia's Ukraine invasion
26. Six cruise missiles fired at Lviv from submarine in Black Sea - West air command'
27. The Mystique of the Female Soldier: Portrayals of Ukrainian Women in Western Media
28. Review | Deception has changed in the digital era, and spies are adapting
29. Fueling Insurgency: Liquified Natural Gas, ISIS, and Green Berets in Mozambique

Korean News Content:

1. President-elect Yoon completes phone talks to all four Quad leaders
2. Yoon aims to open Cheong Wa Dae to public 'before spring flowers wither'
3. U.N. rapporteur urges provision of vaccines to N. Korea
4. Relocation of presidential office emerges as hot button issue
5. Yoon's transition team dominated by Seoul-born, 50-something men with SNU diplomas
6. Winston Churchill's advice for new Korean leadership
7. Why North Korea Won’t Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons
8. A debate about nuclear weapons resurfaces in East Asia
9.  [Editorial] End imperial presidency (South Korea)
10. U.N. report: North Korea food shortages, human rights abuses worst in years
11. U.S. and ROK committed to maintaining ironclad alliance
12. The problem with ‘han’ 한 恨