Small Wars Journal

3/16/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 03/16/2023 - 10:01am

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National Security News Content:

2. James Zumwalt: China’s Doomsday Plan For America
3.  The Kremlin’s Never-Ending Attempt to Spread Disinformation about Biological Weapons (Global Engagement Center)
4. China has a plan to lead the world. What's ours?
5. The Strange Case of Iraq Syndrome
6. How China Became a Peacemaker in the Middle East
7. Russian leadership approved actions of jets that damaged U.S. drone, officials say
8. Russia Wants a Long War: The West Needs to Send Ukraine More Arms, More Quickly
9. Why Sending F-16s to Ukraine Would Be a Mistake
10. A Solution for Japan’s Military Mismatch
11. Pentagon Creates Cell to Oversee Expansion of Weapon Production Lines
12. How the US plans to expand its submarine industrial base for AUKUS
13.  Ideology is back, and it’s critical for understanding AUKUS v China
14. Exclusive: Chinese-made drone, retrofitted and weaponized, downed in eastern Ukraine
15. What Russia's possible collapse could mean for China
16. Blind Sided: A Reconceptualization of the Role of Emerging Technologies in Shaping Information Operations in the Gray Zone
17.  Munitions Return to a Place of Prominence in National Security
18. Rebel youth risk life and limb in Myanmar’s cruel war
19. Eye on Taiwan, US-Philippines to stage largest-ever wargames
20. Michael Klare, Is War with China Inevitable?
21. Weaponizing Rights: An Untapped Tool for Special Operations Forces
22. New Baumholder special operations hub allocated $64 million in 2024 proposal
23. Interior Lines Will Make Land Power the Asymmetric Advantage in the Indo-Pacific
24. Violent Far-Right Movements Aren’t Just a ‘Western Problem’
25. Army Asks for Massive Cash Boost for New Barracks
26. CIA's Coming Tech Revolution
27. Why Won’t the West Let Ukraine Win Against Russia? By John Bolton
28. This Is What We Do in America. We Pause. We Forget. Then We Begin the Next War.

Korean News Content:

1. If North Korea Launches a Full-Range ICBM Test Will Joe Biden Shoot It Down?
2. N. Korea fires one apparent ICBM ahead of S. Korea-Japan summit
3. North Korean ICBM could hit central US in 33 minutes due to gaps in America's missile defence 'kill chain', China claims
4. Department Press Briefing – March 14, 2023 - United States Department of State (Korea Comments)
5. Yoon announces 'complete normalization' of military intel-sharing pact with Japan
6. Japan lifts chipmaking export controls on South Korea        
7. <Inside N. Korea>Food sales banned in markets, leading to anxiety and concern while deepening the poverty suffered by the poor
8. Samsung to build world’s largest semiconductor cluster in Korea
9. President Yoon Suk Yeol warns North after missile launched
10. South Korea and Japan hail spring thaw amid missiles and weight of history
11. National interest not a zero-sum game with Japan: Yoon
12. Nuclear weapons gaffe in South Korea is a warning to leaders everywhere
13. Peninsula Plus: Enhancing U.S.–South Korea Alliance Cooperation on China, Multilateralism, and Military and Security Technologies
14. After South Korea’s Icebreaker, Its President Is Welcomed to Tokyo
15. North Korean Women’s Gloomy ‘Glory’ on International Women’s Day
16. The Kishida-Yoon Summit Meeting: A New Start for Japan-Korea Relations
17. Siblings Who Went Viral After Crashing Dad's on-Air BBC Interview 6 Years Ago Look All Grown Up
18. Amid North Korea’s economic woes, repairing shoes is big business



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