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3/15/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 9:52am

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National Security News Content:

2. New US nuclear chief takes fresh stance on sea-launched cruise missile
3. China and Russia Denounce U.S., Allies Over Submarine Deal
4. In a First, Army Selects Pilot to Command Delta Force
5. A two-front test of wills: Defeating Russia and deterring China
6. Ukraine's Military Intelligence Chief Predicts How War Will End
7. American Power and the Defense of Taiwan
8. How to Prepare for Peace Talks in Ukraine
9. The US, UK and Australia Send China a Message
10. Microsoft-backed OpenAI starts release of powerful AI known as GPT-4
11. Special Operations News Update - March 15, 2023 | SOF News
12. The top Spec Ops general on Fort Bragg crime
13. A new Pentagon map shows how China is beefing up what a top US general calls its 'dangerous position' in the South China Sea
14. China warns Philippines not to give US more access to bases
15. AUKUS: Flawed by Design?
16. China, Russia and Iran: Axis of Tyrannies presents enormous challenge to free nations
17. Strategic Amnesia: The U.S. Army’s Stubborn Rush to Its Next War
18. Artillery Shortage Hampers Russia’s Offensive in East Ukraine, Western Officials Say

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea really hates U.S.-South Korea military drills. Here’s why.
2. Why America Should Destroy North Korean ICBMs Fired Into the Pacific Ocean
3. S. Korea joins U.S.-led multinational anti-submarine exercise
4. S. Korea, U.S. hold joint river-crossing drills
5. Rumors circulate in Hyesan about opening of Samjang Customs House
6. <Inside N. Korea>Poverty-stricken urban dwellers raid farming villages in search of food…the police are on emergency alert to deal with the rise in robberies
7. N. Korea calls on people to actively engage in springtime tree planting
8. Nuke use by North would mean end of regime: U.S.
9. North Korea says missile launches helped train for missions at any time
10. Prosecutors indict suspected spies for North Korea
11. N. Korea confirms firing of 2 ground-to-ground ballistic missiles Tuesday
12. More North Korean defectors pursue entrepreneurship for better life
13. China's 'greed' compels Korea to side with US, Japan
14. N. Korean provocation cannot stop US-S. Korea joint military drills: NSC coordinator