Small Wars Journal

3/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 03/13/2023 - 9:58am

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National Security News Content:

2. ‘Little fissures’: The U.S.-Ukraine war unity is slowly cracking apart
3. Pentagon Puts Priority on Replacing Munitions in 2024 Budget
4. The Liberal Cyber Order
5. How to break the Xi-Putin axis? Biden must engage with Beijing
6. USAGM CEO Describes Efforts to Counter Russian and Chinese Propaganda
7. Analysis | Saudi-Iran Agreement Is Less Than Meets the Eye
8. The Russia That Might Have Been
9.  Between deterrence and escalation - The Chinese doom argument
10. The Counterinsurgent’s Curriculum
11. America Is Ceding the Seas to Its Enemies
12.  China-brokered Iran-Saudi deal raises red flags for US
13. War by miscalculation or by mistake?
14. Cobra Gold drills expose US-China fight for Thailand
15. In SVB collapse, Asia sees 1997 all over again
16. China's Xi wants bigger global role after Saudi-Iran deal
17. America Is Still Losing the Information War
18. Congress wants to label Wagner group as a terrorist organization. Why is Biden opposed?
19. USSOCOM’s AFSOC Updates on the MC-130J Floatplane’s Status
20. Staring Down the Black Hole of Russia’s Future
21. Look to Korea to See How China Might Fight in the Pacific Today
22. Pentagon’s counter-drone boss tackles rising threat
23. Exclusive: China's Xi plans Russia visit as soon as next week - sources
24. The Rise and Fall of Chris Miller, Trump's Final Defense Secretary

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea warns of 'toughest counteraction' against UNSC meeting on country's rights abuse
2. N.Korea Launches Missiles from Submarine
3. US, South Korea start major drills after Pyongyang's weapons test
4. North Korea fires missiles from submarine at underwater target
5. North Korea tests submarine-launched missile, Seoul says
6. North Korea Launches Two Cruise Missiles From Experimental Submarine
7. S. Korea approves plans to buy F-35A fighters, SM-6 interceptors
8. Yoon congratulates China's Xi on reelection
9. Yoon instructs gov't to find new cooperation projects for S. Korea, Japan
10. Pyongyang calls on district agricultural workers to work more innovatively
11. Does North Korea Want to Start a Crisis?
12. Look to Korea to See How China Might Fight in the Pacific Today



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