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2/8/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 02/08/2024 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. Drone Strike Kills Iraq Militia Leader Behind Deadly Attack on American Base
2. Russian Intelligence Is Pushing False Claims of U.S. Biological Testing in Africa, U.S. Says
3. Front-line Ukrainian infantry units report acute shortage of soldiers
4. Why China Is Rooting for Trump
5. The Houthis’ Next Target May Be Underwater
6. Corps is searching for 5 Marines after helicopter found in California
7. Director’s Statement on the Budget and Economic Outlook for 2024 to 2034
8. Austin agrees to testify before Congress about his medical missteps
9. What we know about the search for five Marines after a helicopter went down in California mountains
10. 'Swarm of suicide drones' attacks US army base in Syria in retaliation for Baghdad airstrike
11. Reform the budget process to strengthen US global leadership: RAND
12. Kremlin confirms Putin gave interview to ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson
13. The Pentagon may need machines to help stop insider threats
14. U.S. Defense Requires Greater Civil Support to Counter China’s Cyber Aggression
15. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 7, 2024
16. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, February 7, 2024
17.  Intel officials warned well before Tower 22 attack of increased risks from drones
18. Pacific Command legal office prepares military forces for future fight with China
19. Army watercraft company that saw action at Normandy and Vietnam reactivates in Japan
20. Close Down UNRWA
21. Tyrants and expendable migrants: Dictators play with people’s lives to gain leverage
22. Biden keeps killing Iran's militia pawns - but he's too scared to strike against the REAL enemy in Tehran.
23. Chinese hackers have lurked in some US infrastructure systems for ‘at least five years’
24. The US Learns China’s Lessons on Elitism
25. Communicate Your Staff Estimates in the Language of Risk
26. Mobilizing Intellectual Capacity for Ukraine’s Big Five Operational Challenges of 2024 by Mick Ryan
27. The Four Pillars of Tactical Innovation: A Path for Impactful Disruption
28. An Israeli Diplomatic Strategy to Undercut Hamas Propaganda

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. envoy urges N. Korea to begin 'reform' process to improve human rights
2. N. Korea renews call for combat readiness on military founding anniversary
3. Yoon says ROK can build nukes but doesn’t want sanctions like North Korea
4. N. Korea scraps laws on inter-Korean economic cooperation
5. Exclusive: UN experts investigate 58 cyberattacks worth $3 bln by North Korea
6. Kim's new strategic direction
7. N. Korean leader berates officials during visit to provincial factories
8. S. Korea voices regret over Russian envoy's remarks blaming allies for possible N.K. nuclear test
9. Kim Jong-un ups ante to shift attention away from defiant millennials at home
10. S. Korea urges N. Korea to improve human rights on 10th anniv. of U.N. report
11. UN should update North Korea rights report: experts
12. Russia becomes more dangerous for North Korean escapees
13. Focus on North Korea’s economy and Russia
14. N. Korea continues 'malicious' cyber activity, IT worker dispatch to fund WMD capabilities: US report
15. The tragic story of a North Korean “defector hunter”
16. North Korea forces residents to buy photos of recent satellite rocket launch