Small Wars Journal

2/17/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 02/17/2023 - 9:58am

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National Security News Content:

1. Kyiv and Moscow Are Fighting Two Different Wars By Lawrence Freedman
2. How Ukraine war has shaped US planning for a China conflict
4. Ukraine war spurs European demand for U.S. arms, but not big-ticket items
5. Overnight protests rock Tehran, other Iranian cities, online videos show
6. Clandestine U.K. Program Developed 3D-Printed ‘Suicide’ Drone For Ukraine
7. Executive Compensation, Tech Transfer and National Security
8. The Drone War in Ukraine Is Cheap, Deadly, and Made in China
9. Why the Air Force’s best ‘secret weapon’ has nothing to do with airplanes
10. Do recruits need bonuses? No. 2 Marine expands on viral remark
12. Opinion | U.S. defense spending will have to go up. The Ukraine war shows why.
13. China’s Balloon Program Combines Commercial and Military Capabilities
14. Col Paris Davis: Black Vietnam veteran to finally receive Medal of Honor
15. Pentagon’s top China official to visit Taiwan amid rising bilateral tensions
16. China's balloons give Japan and Taiwan a reason to share intelligence, says lawmaker
17. Opinion | U.S.-China Relations Keep Getting Worse. Do They Have To?
18. War Books: Beginning Your Professional Development Journey through Reading
19. Naval Intelligence admiral: 'Naïve' American public has a 'China blindness' problem
20. How the West May Have Helped Build China’s Spy Balloons
21. Americans are Disturbingly ‘Ill-Informed and Naive’ on China, Navy’s Intel Chief Says
22.  COL Joseph D. Celeski Obituary
23. Fentanyl deaths among troops more than doubled from 2017 to 2021
24. China set to eclipse US air superiority in Pacific

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea warns of 'unprecedentedly' strong counteractions against S. Korea-U.S. drills
2. Defense white paper revives the phrase ‘N. Korean regime and military equal enemies’
3. [Column] Lift the ban on sending leaflets to the North
4. Foreign minister stresses need for responsible use of AI in military domain
5. N.Korea 'Sold Arms to Russia in Return for White Horses'
6. Will President Yoon follow in de Gaulle's nuclear footsteps?
7. My expectations of US career diplomat
8. S. Korea, US to stage exercise simulating N. Korea’s nuclear use
9. It’s too soon to be sure about Kim Jong Un’s successor, experts say
10. China begins limited campaign to vaccinate N. Korean defectors
11. S. Korea to introduce 'anti-drone' system to key facilities
12. 10 shocking facts about North Korea you don't know
13. Parliamentary committee adopts resolution marking 70th anniversary of S. Korea-U.S. alliance
14. Tilting to US, S Korea ends era of ‘strategic ambiguity’
15. North Korean-Russian Trade Rebounds, Satellite Images Show



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