Small Wars Journal

2/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 02/13/2023 - 10:18am

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National Security News Content:

2. They Are Russians Fighting Against Their Homeland. Here’s Why.
3. Russians abandon wartime Russia in historic exodus
4. ‘Significantly degraded’ Russian force is adapting after losses
5. US jets down 4 objects in 8 days, unprecedented in peacetime
6. China Says U.S. Flew High-Altitude Balloons Over Its Airspace
7. The hidden truth behind China’s spy balloons
8. China Says U.S. Flew Balloons Through Its Airspace
9. Army sees safety, not 'wokeness,' as top recruiting obstacle
10. Expect Pentagon's Cyber-Worker Strategy 'Any Day Now'
11. What Japanese deterrence would look like
12. 433. Gaming Information Dominance
13.  Ruling out aliens? Senior U.S. general says not ruling out anything yet
14. Opinion | The West has captured thousands of Iranian weapons. Send them to Ukraine.
15. Glass Cannons from Grozny to Mariupol: What Should the US Military Learn from Russia’s Use of Artillery in Protracted Urban Sieges?
16. U.S. troops providing medical aid to earthquake victims in Turkey
17. Chinese military aircraft, vessels detected around Taiwan after US conducts exercises in the South China Sea
18. The untold story of the world’s most resilient currency
19. To End the War, Ukraine Needs Justice, Not Peace
20. Warning to China: U.S. Navy Has Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea
21. The Cult of Secrecy – America’s Classification Crisis

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea 'expands, reorganizes' military units with operational combat missions: KCNA
2. Rodong Sinmun Calls for Intensifying Education in Revolutionary Traditions
3. Yoon orders maximum relief supplies for quake-hit Turkey
4. [Meanwhile] China’s warfare beyond bounds (South Korean perspective)
5. Representatives of separated families invited to visit North Korea
6. S. Korea, Thailand sign deal to cooperate for feasibility study for space launch site
7. Military academy to reinstate 'Korean War History' as requirement for all cadets
8. Will N.Korea's Dynastic Succession Ever End?
9. N. Korean soldier’s toes amputated after severe case of frostbite
10. N. Korea sees rise in people consuming homemade drugs
11. Pyongyangites preparing for military parade collapse due to exhaustion, malnutrition
12. Sariwon officials launch crackdown on money changers for avoiding manure campaign
13. South Korea's dilemma over sending arms to Ukraine
14. NK media urges thorough quarantine efforts amid 'very unstable' virus situation
15. "My father fled North Korea, time is running out to find his family"
16. Seth Rogen On How ‘The Interview’ Caused A ‘Seismic Shift’ In Hollywood & ‘Recalibrated’ His Definition Of Controversy
17. Is Kim Jong Un’s daughter being lined up to lead?


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