Small Wars Journal

2/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 02/10/2023 - 6:23am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine’s rocket campaign reliant on U.S. precision targeting, officials say

3. How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

4. Chinese Balloon Had Tools to Collect Electronic Communications, U.S. Says

5. Spy balloons and the next great game

6. NSA Woos Laid-Off Tech Workers

7. China’s Balloon Program Grew From a Humble Start

8. DOD Is Focused on China, Defense Official Says

9. Russian generals killed in war "unbelievably high": Japanese intelligence

10. Five outstanding questions about the Chinese spy balloon

11. Romney defends Biden’s handling of Chinese balloon

12. When Lippy Generals Challenge Civilian Control

13. Sidney Shachnow: The Holocaust Survivor Who Became a Green Beret

14. How The International Community Should Respond To The Trial Of The 47 In Hong Kong

15. The rise and fall of the Mozart Group - Responsible Statecraft

16. Pentagon looks to restart top-secret programs in Ukraine

17. Biden’s Foreign Policy Is a Mess: The White House Has Failed to Match Means and Ends

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s Political Warfare Strategy Has Failed: ROK - U.S. Alliance Needs a Superior Strategy

2. U.S. offer for dialogue remains on table, but will not reduce sanctions on N. Korea: State Dept.

3. S. Korea, U.S. to resume 'live, virtual, constructive' elements in springtime allied drills: USFK

4. North Korea ransomware targets hospitals to fund digital spycraft, US agencies warn

5. S. Korea slaps first sanctions on N. Korea over crypto theft, cyberattacks

6.  North Korea Urges ‘Preparedness for War’ and Displays New Missile

7. Steel Bipartisan Legislation Requires President to Report to Congress on North Korea’s Malign Activity

8. Korea's 'strategic command' to oversee space, cyber units, F-35s, submarines: official

9. North Korean Leader Mum as Military Parade Rolls Out Largest ICBM Display

10. [INTERVIEW] Seoul, Washington forced to maintain greater discipline: Council on Foreign Relations

11. S. Korea's talk of nuclear armament warranted, but should focus on US extended deterrence: U.S. expert

12.  Do 77% of Koreans Really Support A South Korean Nuclear Weapons Program?

13. N.K. leader calls for stronger military power in photo session with parade participants

14. Former US Forces Korea commander joins ‘green’ rocket company as adviser



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