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1/9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/09/2023 - 9:30am

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National Security News Content:


2. Chinese military stages large-scale military exercises around Taiwan

3. Inspired by Ukraine, Taiwan seeks to bolster military preparedness as China threat continues

4. Camouflage combat utility uniforms OK’d for Pentagon Marines

5. War in Ukraine ‘essentially trench warfare,’ senator says after Kyiv visit

6. The Army Could Not Effectively Address Gen Z's Misconceptions About Army Life in 2022

7. Military experience doesn’t help veterans get elected, but may influence their behavior in Congress

8. China’s chip industry is struggling

9. The war in Ukraine is spilling into Russia

10. UK Preparing to Designate IRGC as a Terrorist Organization

11. Tax Havens Obscured at Least $1.4 Trillion of Foreign Investment in China

12. Ex-NATO chief: Russian forces in Ukraine will be ‘burned through and exhausted’ by end of winter

13. Will US Speaker McCarthy go to Taiwan?

14.  The Weaponization of Humanitarian Aid - How to Stop China and Russia From Manipulating Relief Money

15. The Long War in Ukraine – The West Needs to Plan for a Protracted Conflict With Russia

16. In Every Modern War, Ukraine Has Been the Big Prize

17. Don’t Drive Away Smart Students

18. ‘Experts’ Are Fueling Distrust in Vaccines

19. Analysis | Ukraine sees ‘year of victory’ but decisive defeat of Russia won’t be easy

20. What three years of China’s covid travel restrictions cost the world


Korean News Content:

1. Ministry refutes DP's claim military's action against N.K drone infiltration was armistice breach

2. U.S. satellite may possibly fall around Korean Peninsula

3. Senior U.S. State Department official due in Seoul to discuss supply chain, IRA issue

4. N. Korea again on virus alert as cases rise in S. Korea, China

5. Defector group says it will use drones for leaflet campaign against N. Korea

6. South Korea's Indo-Pacific strategy broadens focus from northern threat

7. A Korean War Wall of Remembrance Set Hundreds of Errors in Ston

8. Three individuals accused of working with North Korean agents

9. Yoon threatens to send drones 'deep' into North Korea

10. [Column] Checking U.S. protectionism (view from South Korea)

11. North Korea’s evolving nuclear threat: too great to deter?

12. Kim Jong Un’s Vow of ‘Exponential’ Bomb Output Looks Overblown

13. Japan, South Korea Wonder: How Strong Is the US Nuclear Umbrella?

14. <Inside N. Korea> Cadres shocked by massive personnel shakeup that brings more young people into official positions



Thu, 02/23/2023 - 12:53am

National security refers to the measures taken by a government to protect its citizens, territories, and interests from threats, such as terrorism, espionage, and military aggression. National security can involve a range of activities, including intelligence gathering, law enforcement, military operations, and diplomacy but also go with for more info. There are various news outlets and commentators who cover Korean news and provide commentary on political, economic, and social issues related to the Korean peninsula. Some of the major news outlets include Yonhap News Agency, Korea Herald, and Korea Times. There are also various commentators and analysts who offer their opinions on Korean news and provide insights into the region's geopolitical situation.


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