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1/31/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/31/2022 - 9:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russia’s choice on Ukraine narrows to war or humiliation
2. Ukraine to the world: keep calm and stop spreading panic
3. Russia, US, Ukraine to square off at UN Security Council
4. F.B.I. Secretly Bought Israeli Spyware and Explored Hacking U.S. Phones
5. Book Ban Efforts Spread Across the U.S.
6. Opinion | My Young Mind Was Disturbed by a Book. It Changed My Life.
7. US sends Osprey to South China Sea on crashed F-35C jet salvage mission, Chinese think tank says on Twitter
8. How to Solve the Three Problems With Getting Our Afghan Allies Out
9. FDD | Terrorists Benefit from Qatar’s Goodwill and Charity
10. Can America Rebuild Its Power in Asia?
11.  Keep NATO’s Door Open to Ukraine
12. Master of Deterrence
13. Iran’s regime executed two men based on anti-gay charges
14. Chinese State Media’s Global Influence(r) Operation
15. Britain warns Russia of sanctions on oligarchs if Ukraine is invaded
16. LET’S TWEET, GRANDMA – Weaponizing the Social to Create Information Security
17. Hackers for Hire: Proxy Warfare in the Cyber Realm
18. Stuck without housing, Afghan evacuees languish inside D.C.-area hotel rooms
19. China’s Real Challenge Is Not Military
20. Cyberattacks increasingly hobble pandemic-weary US schools
21. The Hard-Line Russian Advisers Who Have Putin’s Ear
22. Biden releases new statement on Navy SEAL vet held hostage by Taliban - here it is
23. State Department rebuffs Chinese propaganda on U.S. undermining Olympics
24. Pro-Moscow separatists once marched in this Ukraine border city. Now it’s standing against Russia.

Korean News Content:

1.​ N. Korea confirms test of missile capable of striking Guam​
2. Hwasong-12 Ground-to-Ground Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile Held for Evaluation (north Korea official statement)
3. North Korea missile tests: Photos from space released
4. Kim Jong Un wants the world to know he still matters. Seven missile tests in a month may prove it
5. N.K. missile frenzy highlights 'go-it-alone' drive for weapons buildup: analysts
6. North Korea's Hwasong-12 IRBM Missile Test: The Road Back to 2017?
7. US worried North Korea could return to nuclear and ICBM tests
8. Tank attached to famous North Korean armored division suffers serious accident
9. How Kim Jong Un runs the world’s most successful failed state
10. Defense minister visits Army missile command to check combat readiness
11. Korea urged to explore ways to reduce China reliance
12. Korea Has Surpassed Japan in Per Capita GDP
13. North Korea's IRBM Missile Test: What Is Kim Jong Un's Goal?
14. <Inside N. Korea> Plummeting Won Causes Market Confusion; Panicked Authorities Crack Down on Black Market Money Changers. There are fears of inflation too.