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1/28/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/28/2022 - 9:26am

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National Security News Content:

1. Pentagon Names Army Units Tapped for Possible European Deployment
2. DOD Places Variety of Troops on 'Prepare to Deploy'
3. Opinion | Putin Is Caught in a Trap of His Own Making
4. US tries to name and shame Russian disinformation on Ukraine
5. Is Defending Ukraine Vital to U.S. Security?
6. Three Things the World Should Know About Putin
7. It Might Not Be Too Late to Deter Putin
8. Opinion | ‘Web3’ is on the way. Authoritarians should be worried.
9. Afghan evacuation flights to resume with streamlined process
10. 'We don't want wars': Russia sends less hawkish message on Ukraine
11. The Ghosts of Kyiv and the Shadow of War
12. Report to Congress on Great Power Competition
13. AEI Panel Warns Against Tying National Security Strategy to Domestic Priorities
14. Vast Troves of Classified Info Undermine National Security, Spy Chief Says
15. A war in Ukraine could have global consequences
16. Brace for Russian cyber attacks as Ukraine crisis deepens, Britain says
17. The Truth Sandwich
18. After 20 Years of Civilian Drone Strike Deaths, Pentagon Creates An Office to Stop More
19. China denies interest in retrieving sunken US fighter jet
20. The Drone Threat Comes Home
21. Being a Better Partner in the Pacific
22. Why Intermediate-Range Missiles Are a Focal Point in the Ukraine Crisis
23. China Hopes Sequel to Anti-U.S. Korean War Propaganda Blockbuster Will 'Smash Theaters'
24. FDD | Biden Greenlights South Korean Release of Funds to Politically Connected Iranian Firm
25. How Russia Has Turned Ukraine Into a Cyber-Battlefield
26. The U.S. won’t send troops to Ukraine: Here’s what it might do
27. The West, not Russia, faces a Ukrainian quagmire
28. Austin Orders U.S. Military to Step Up Efforts to Prevent Civilian Harm

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. envoy claims recent weapons tests do not pose threat to neighboring countries
2. North Korea promises more weapons tests after firing four missiles this week
3. N. Korea confirms missile tests, leader Kim visits munitions factory
4. Lee denounces N.K. missile tests for dividing public ahead of election
5. North Korea Conducts Its Sixth Round of Missile Tests This Month
6. Victor Cha says South Korea refused to join the Quad
7. Why South Korea’s Presidential Election Matters to the U.S.
8. Activist indicted for sending anti-regime leaflets to North Korea
9. Unchecked And Unaffected: North Korea’s Nuclear Capability Marches On – Analysis
10. North Korea moved up dates of missile launches for strategic reasons
11. North Korea announces severe punishments for international callers in China-North Korea border region
12. North Korea plans to celebrate Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung’s birthdays in one big military parade
13. Fiery North Korean Defector Charged Under New Propaganda Law
14. North Korea missile tests: What does Kim Jong-un want?