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12/7/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 12/07/2023 - 8:06am

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National Security News Content:

1. Analysis | Clandestine online operations now require sign-off by senior officials
2. China’s Hackers Are Expanding Their Strategic Objectives
3. Pentagon grounds all Ospreys, one week after deadly crash
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 6, 2023
5. 23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9 million users
6. As it planned for Oct. 7, Hamas lulled Israel into a false sense of calm
7. RTX to continue USSOCOM Silent Knight Radar production
8. Strategic Disruption by Special Operations Forces | SOF News
9. Italy to terminate China belt and road agreement, ending G7 involvement
10. Putin seeks to humiliate Biden by showing him that attempts to isolate Russia have failed
11. Biden team wary of retaliating against Houthi attacks at sea
12. First female active-duty soldier graduates from sniper school
13. China’s debt problems will take years to resolve: analysts
14. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, December 6, 2023
15. China's Xi doubles down on favorite weapon against US allies
16. Philippines stands out in Asean over embrace of US’ Indo-Pacific strategy
17.  In Taiwan, China is covertly preparing for battle
18.  The U.S. Can Afford a Bigger Military. We Just Can’t Build It.
19. Putin’s Repressions Radicalizing Predominantly Ethnic Russian Regions And Leading Some To Think About Pursuing Independence
20.The 2023 War on the Rocks Holiday Reading List

Korean News Content:

1. Security advisors of S. Korea, U.S., Japan to discuss 'robust' agenda of regional security issues: White House

2. G7 leaders strongly condemn N. Korea's satellite launch, arms transfers to Russia

3. Auditor says Moon gov't neglected, covered up, distorted 2020 death of fisheries official

4. S. Korean lawyer elected as new ICC judge

5. S. Korea affirms support for UN peacekeeping missions

6. Korea National Diplomatic Academy, U.S intel bureau ink cooperation arrangement

7. NYT picks President Yoon, NewJeans among 71 'most stylish' people of 2023

8. Congresswoman redoubles calls for support to designate Nov. 22 as 'Kimchi Day'

9. Korea’s Army of Senior Citizens Ready for Battle. ‘I Don’t Remember the Rifles Being So Heavy’

10. S. Korea pushing to host trilateral summit with U.S., Japan next year

11. The 2023 War on the Rocks Holiday Reading List