Small Wars Journal

12/6/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 12/06/2023 - 6:00am

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National Security News Content:

1. Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher P. Maier Addresses Crucial Role of Irregular Warfare at the Semi-Annual Irregular Warfare Forum
2. Irregular Warfare Implementation Guidance (SECDEF MEMO)
3. The War for Ukraine: Exploring the first 18 months of the war by Mick Ryan
4. FDD Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: December
5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 5, 2023
6. Senate approves hundreds of military promotions after Republican senator ends blockade of nominees
7. The morality of ending war short of 'total victory'
8. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, December 5, 2023
9. Was Henry Kissinger Really a Realist?
10. War Has Changed, and the Army’s Conceptualization of Operational Art Must Follow Suit
11. You Can’t Win Without (More) Submarines
12. Corporations Are Juicy Targets for Foreign Disinformation
13. Why Xi Wants Trump to Win
14. Russia Rejects ‘Significant Proposal’ to Trade for WSJ’s Gershkovich, Whelan, U.S. Says
15. Learning from Real Wars: Gaza and Ukraine
16. Resolute Dragon: Reassurance, Deterrence, and a Call for Coordination
17. The American Way of Economic War
18. Israel’s Failed Bombing Campaign in Gaza
19. China’s paranoid purge
20. Flooding Hamas tunnels could harm Gaza’s freshwater for generations, warns academic
21. Is Gen Z turning against Western civilisation?

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong-un cries as he begs North Korean women to have more babies
2. N. Korea doles out gifts to participants in mothers' conference
3. <Inside N. Korea> The Major Changes Surrounding the November 26 Elections
4. FDD Biden Foreign Policy Tracker : December - KOREA
5. Yoon's approval rating drops to 33%: Yonhap News Survey
6. N. Hamgyong Province urges security officials to prevent defections
7. The North Korean family who risked execution to escape by boat
8. Kim Jong Un Urges Women to Be Good Comrades—and Give Birth
9. Should South Korea's foreign policy become more audacious?
10. Boeing eyes more Chinook helicopter exports to S. Korea
11. N.K. leader 'in hurry' to highlight his daughter to show his will for succession: minister
12. S. Korea urges N. Korea to cooperate in uncovering truth of S. Korean POWs
13. Korea could disappear from map if it doesn't welcome more immigrants: justice minister