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12/6/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 12/06/2022 - 9:08am

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National Security News Content:

1. Support slipping for indefinite U.S. aid to Ukraine, poll finds
2. Fake parts: A Pentagon supply chain problem hiding in plain sight
3. The failure of integrated deterrence, and what to do about China
4. The 2022 War On The Rocks Holiday Reading List
5. Irregular War's War on Thinking About War
6. NATO prepares for cyberwarfare integrated with military operations
7. Is the US Military's Favorite Novel a Timeless Classic or Overrated Drivel? Yes.
8. No, Iran didn’t ban morality police — it duped press, and Biden administration
9. This week in Congress: Final NDAA compromise expected to be unveiled
10. Am I willing to sacrifice my son's life for Taiwan?
11. Opinion | A week in the life of Vladimir Putin
12. Xi’s Shattered Illusion of Control
13. The Global Zeitenwende – How to Avoid a New Cold War in a Multipolar Era
14. 12 Psychological Warfare Strategies Used Throughout History
15. Ukraine appears to expose Russian air defence gaps with long-range strikes
16. Pentagon, Chinese analysts agree US can’t win in Taiwan Strait
17. Japan’s Ruling Coalition Approves Counterstrike Capability
18. Russian commander 'executed' following mass desertions of his unit: Report
19. Robert Louis Stevenson knew about guerrilla warfare

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea fires artillery shells into sea to protest S. Korea-U.S. drills near border
2. U.N. agency head says N. Korea's human rights situation in 'black box'
3. Korea Becomes World's 6th Largest Trading Country
4. Phony artillery war between Koreas raises tensions – and questions
5. North Korea Fires Artillery Near Border With South Korea
6. Golden jubilee for closer Korea-India ties
7. North Korea’s first daughter emerges. Could women one day run the country?
8. Opinion | Vexing Issue: Can the Korean Peninsula be De-nuclearised?
9. Crypto hacking behind N. Korea’s renewed nuclear ambition