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12/5/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 12/05/2023 - 5:45am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 3, 2023
2. Hamas planned sexual violence as weapon of war - Israeli campaigner
3. Justifying Hamas’s barbarism at Georgetown Law
4. 3 university presidents to face grilling on campus antisemitism at House hearing
5. Who Is ICE’s Newest Chief of Staff, and Will He Promote the Agency’s Mission?
6. Opinion | Four national security measures that cannot wait until next year
7. Opinion | Speaking softly with big sticks: the reality of the US-China detente
8. Former Harvard disinformation scholar says she was pushed out of her job after college faced pressure from Facebook
9. Partisans 'Kill 24 Russian Soldiers with Poisoned Treats'
10. Miscalculations, divisions marked offensive planning by U.S., Ukraine (PART 1)
11. In Ukraine, a war of incremental gains as counteroffensive stalls (PART 2)
12. (Israel-Hamas War) Iran Update, December 4, 2023
13. Top U.S. general still waiting to hear from China on military ties
14. The 7 Reasons Iran Won’t Fight for Hamas
15. Israel’s Impossible Dilemma
16. Amid Ukraine and Israel conflicts, Pentagon acquisition chief sees counter-drone 'crisis'
17. China coy on support for rebels fighting guerrilla war on border
18. Israel, Hamas Engage in Some of Fiercest Fighting of War
19. France, Australia Plan Military Base Access Pact in the Pacific
20. Accounts of Sexual Violence by Hamas Are Aired Amid Criticism of U.N.
21. How to Take Apart the Axis of Revisionists by Michael R. Pompeo and Peter Rough
22. Under the Radar: Weaponizing Maritime Transponders in Strategic Competition
23. US Weighing Red Sea 'Task Force' to Protect Commercial Ships Following Attacks by Iran-backed Rebels
24. Gaza and the Future of Information Warfare By P. W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea indirectly supplied more 155-mm shells for Ukraine than all European countries combined: WP
2. North Korean Smugglers Disguised Under Pacific Island Flags
3. No more ‘fighting’ texts allowed in North Korea
4. U.S. says S. Korea not subject of U.N. sanctions after N. Korea's 'double standard' claim
5. China, Japan, and South Korea Announce Joint AI Cooperation at Foreign Ministers' Meeting
6. Military engineers of S. Korea, Cambodia hold 1st joint exercise
7. Security advisers of S. Korea, U.S., Japan to discuss strategy on geopolitical risks, N.K. threat
8. Veterans minister nominee says independence fighter Hong Beom-do should be honored
9. N.K. hacking group Andariel steals key defense technologies from S. Korean firms
10. N. Korean leader calls for mothers' role in propping up regime
11. Electric bicycles popular among monied N. Koreans
12. Hanwha Aerospace signs second K9 export contract with Poland
13. S. Korea, U.S., Japan's trilateral ties 'sustainable' after elections: U.S. envoy
14.  N. Korea pulls out of Senegal, Guinea in series of embassy closures: official
15. JCS chairman calls for robust defense posture in Seoul metropolitan area
16. S. Korea 'strongly condemns' deadly attack at university in Philippines
17. [ANALYSIS] Why is N. Korea not allowed to launch spy satellites?