Small Wars Journal

1/25/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/25/2023 - 8:53am

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National Security News Content:

1. US special operators borrowed a unique part of Army Green Beret training to prepare Ukrainians to fight Russia
2. Reimagining Joint Operations Across the U.S. Interagency
3.  Opinion | The Afghans I Trained Are Fighting for Putin in Ukraine
4. The Magical Mossad Mystery Tour
5. China Is Trying to Play Nice, and It’s a Problem for the US
6. Mystery Synthetic Text Detector 300 (IWTSG, USSOCOM,and State's GEC)
7. Want to innovate for DoD? Pay close attention to Ukraine
8. Lawmakers propose mandatory 24-hour security at electrical substations after attacks on the power grid: ‘The targeting has increased’
9. COVID is running rampant in China – but herd immunity remains elusive
11. U.S. to give Ukraine advanced M1 tanks
12. German government reportedly ready to send Ukraine Leopard 2 tanks
13. Ukraine’s Zelensky Removes Top Officials in Bid to Contain Corruption Scandals
14. Foxes watching the hen house? DC insiders oversee Biden defense plans
15. Van Jackson Blames America First in the Asia-Pacific
16. What Western armour gives Ukraine in the next round of the war
17. Taiwan's president says war with China 'not an option'
18. Taiwan’s Urgent Task: A Radical New Strategy to Keep China Away
19. Biden Envoy Met Secretly with Iranians Amid Tehran’s Violent Crackdown on Protests
20. Support for Ukraine in US still high, but slowly fading: survey
21. Ukraine fighting confirms Marines' new focus on battlefield 'thinkers': Officials
22.Triple 7 Expedition completes record breaking skydive to help children of fallen soldiers

Korean News Content:

1. New US Envoy for North Korea Rights an 'Ideal' Fit, Activists Say
2. It's Time to Accept that North Korea is a Nuclear Power
3. North Korea issues 'extreme cold' weather alert
4. U.S. may appoint special envoy solely dedicated to N. Korea if dialogue resumes: State Dept.
5. Chinese hackers attack 12 S. Korean academic institutions: KISA
6. Military blames 'insufficient' threat perception, equipment, training for failure to shoot down N.K. drones
7. N.K. propaganda outlet slams S. Korea's plan to hold defense meeting with UNC members
8. 9 N. Korean workers in Russia defected to S. Korea last year: professor
9. U.S. closely monitoring N. Korea for possible nuclear test: Pentagon
10. South Korea, U.S. discussing redeployment of tactical nukes on peninsula
11. 'Respiratory illness' prompts lockdown of N. Korean capital
12. U.S. military presence in South Korea does not bother North: Pompeo
13. Iran pressures Seoul over frozen assets in Korean banks
14. UNC concludes both Koreas breached armistice by flying drones in each other's territory: source
15. Growing China dilemma (for South Korea)
16. Arms control talks likely to hurt alliance between Seoul and Washington
17. US-South Korea alliance needs urgent repair
18. Veterans ministry unveils emblem for 70th Korean War armistice anniv.
19. North Korea's Kim Jong-un described Chinese as liars: Mike Pompeo
20. Robert Einhorn on South Korea’s Nuclear Weapon Development



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