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1/22/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 01/22/2022 - 11:25am

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. and Russia Take More Measured Stance in Ukraine Talks
2. How Ukraine Feels About a ‘Minor Incursion’ by Russia
3. Ukraine tension: US 'lethal aid' arrives in Kyiv amid border build-up
4. Ukraine and the Threat of Citizen Resistance
5. Fact vs. Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine
6. Russia’s Top Five Persistent Disinformation Narratives
7. Kremlin-Funded Media: R T and Sputnik's Role in Russia's Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem
8. Read the never-issued Trump order that would have seized voting machines
9. U.S., Russia Agree to Keep Negotiating to Defuse Ukraine Crisis
10. Opinion | As invasion looms, Ukrainians are calmly defiant
11. Were Drone Strikes Effective? Evaluating the Drone Campaign in Pakistan Through Captured al-Qaeda Documents
12. Is China Putting ‘Wolf Warriors’ on a Leash?
13. Leaked Oath Keepers list names 20 current military members
14. American deterrence's missing half
15. Biden’s Asia Policy, 1 Year In
16. New CMSI Report—“Chinese Special Operations in a Large-Scale Island Landing”
17. Ukraine crisis: 8 things to watch for
18. Did the CIA use pop music to help elect president of the Philippines?
19. Feds drop case against Gang Chen, MIT professor accused of ties to China
20. Opinion | What an Antisemite’s Fantasy Says About Jewish Reality
21. Ambassador (Ret.) Greta C. Holtz - Chancellor, College of International Security Affairs at NDU
22. This Marine-turned-journalist interviewed the Taliban commander he had fought against
23. THAAD, in first operational use, destroys midrange ballistic missile in Houthi attack
24. Inside the Oath Keepers' Plan for an Armed Takeover of the US Capitol
25. China adopted 'three-warfare' strategy aiming to expand global influence: French MoD think tank
26. Liam Collins: This Special Forces officer ran into combat, jumped into Afghanistan
27. Ukraine got a signed commitment in 1994 to ensure its security – but can the US and allies stop Putin's aggression now?

Korean News Content:

1. What’s Driving North Korea to Consider Resuming Banned Weapons Tests
2. Kim Jong-un fired missiles despite losing more than $5 billion due to the sanctions and COVID-19 "Fecal Battle" begins. ISHIMARU Jiro
3. North Korea holds ‘emergency’ lectures nationwide, but citizens left wondering why
4. Who can protect America's national interests in Korea?
5. Leaders of U.S.,Japan reaffirm commitment to complete denuclearization of Korea
6. North Korea’s Missile Tests: Biden’s Options
7. Repeat of old tactics: North Korea should abandon brinkmanship approaches
8. Kim Jong Un won't be ignored: What North Korean missile tests mean
9. Lavrov hits out at US for placing ‘losing bet’ on continued sanctions against North Korea
10. Kim Jong Un Most Likely to Play ICBM Card, Lawmaker Says
11. Defense minister stresses military’s ‘will, efforts’ for OPCON transfer assessment
12. Moon’s Peace Process goes down the drain
13. Ukraine got a signed commitment in 1994 to ensure its security – but can the US and allies stop Putin's aggression now?
14. Moon's peace initiative destined to fail
15. U.S. continues to see diplomacy as best way forward with N. Korea: Pentagon
16. “American Han” by E. J. Koh