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12/20/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 12/20/2021 - 10:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. The 'Ulcer' Strategy: How the US Military Could Wage War on China
2.  After taking in Afghan commandos, the British military may try to build another elite special-operations force
3. Converging Ways of War: Russian, China and America
4. How We Can Save Ukraine
5. Drones Take Center Stage in U.S.-China War on Data Harvesting
6. New Characteristics for Chinese Socialism?
7. McMaster, Afghanistan, and the Praetorian Mindset
8. How Loitering Munitions Can Help Counter China
9. Women are the Future of America's National Security
10. Protests erupt in Poland over plan to force out U.S. broadcaster Discovery
11. How America can avoid the 'Other Thucydides Trap'
12. Is the cure for America’s ‘next war-itis’ a military culture shift?
13. Paradox of US democracy
14. Reporter's notebook: 'Gallagher effect' haunts ship fire case. Did the Navy learn its lesson?
15. China’s new military base in Africa: What it means for Europe and America
16. Philippines grapples with typhoon aftermath as death toll tops 300
17. With hunger, poverty growing in Afghanistan, Biden pressured to ease sanctions
18. Who Really Chooses to Become a Suicide Bomber?
19. Afghanistan: What We Left Behind
20. US ‘closer to civil war’ than most would like to believe, new book says
21. Russia, Europe, and Great Power Politics Gets Real
22. The Flying Tigers: How a group of Americans ended up fighting for China in WW II
23. A Single Sentence In The Defense Authorization Act Is A Major Change In US-Taiwan Defense Cooperation
24. Millions of angry, armed Americans are preparing to seize power if Trump loses in 2024

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. security advisor emphasizes middle ground approach toward North
2. Biden administration puts North Korean nuclear issue on backburner
3. Kim Jong-un's Sister Resurfaces After 2 Months' Quiet
4. S. Korean gov't cautious on possible change in political status of N. Korean leader's sister
5. 'South Korea needs to focus on details of end-of-war declaration'
6. Koreans Own More U.S. Stocks Than Chinese
7. Defectors from North Korea pray for resettlement victims
8. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un wears ‘banned’ black leather coat to mark 10 years since his father’s death
9. U.S. ambassador to Korea post still empty despite appointments
10. Korea ranks 9th in world arms exports: report
11. North Korea cracks down on people making illicit profits by undervaluing money vouchers
12. In 10 years, Kim Jong Un has cemented his power and armed North Korea to the teeth, but he's no closer to his goals
13. Reading North Korea through trash washed up in South Korea
14. The problem with 'Snowdrop': Why South Koreans want Blackpink Jisoo's K-drama canceled