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12/16/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 12/16/2022 - 8:17pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine: WAR BULLETIN  December 16, 5.00 pm EST   The two-hundred-ninety-sixths day of the resistance of the Ukrainian people to russian military large-scale invasion.

2. America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Runs Through Ukraine

3. ‘Wiped out’: War in Ukraine has decimated a once feared Russian brigade

4. DOD’s Irregular Warfare Center: Building Partnerships by Opening Up the Tent

5. Wargame Maritime COIN

6. Asian States Are Worried the U.S. Is a Perennially Distracted Superpower

7. Women in Special Operations: Improvements to Policy, Data, and Assessments Needed to Better Understand and Address Career Barriers

8. Germany Shirks Its Defense Pledge, Imperiling the Asia ‘Pivot’

9. . Who cares who wins - The mythology of the SAS

10. Ukraine air defenses counter Russian barrage but missiles hit energy targets

11. An Army at Sea: Why the New FM 3-0’s Emphasis on Maritime Operations is So Important

12. Patriot missile system not a panacea for Ukraine, experts warn

13. Biden official told members of Congress that Ukraine has ability to retake Crimea

14. Ukraine war: Kyiv says Russia planning major ground offensive in new year

15. Putin adopting style of warfare abandoned by modern armies, says UK

Korean News Content:

1. Up Front: The Role of Civil Society in North Korean Human Rights

2. US policy toward North Korea has not failed

3. N. Korea says it tested high-thrust solid-fuel engine to develop new strategic weapon

4. N. Korea seems to be prepping military parade in Pyongyang: Seoul official

5. N. Korea likely to focus on building 'three axes' of its weapons system next year: expert

6. N. Korea continues to develop military capabilities that pose threat to U.S. and allies: Kirby

7. Korea Expected to Beat Japan in Per-Capita GDP

8. North Koreans struggle to prepare for the frigid winter weather

9. US, Seoul aligned on need to change China's behavior: US official

10. UN General Assembly passes N. Korean human rights resolution for 18th consecutive year

11.  Democracy in retreat and Korea's timely co-hosting of 2023 Democracy Summit

12.  North Korea Tests New Rocket Engine to Enable Long-Range Missile Strikes