Small Wars Journal

1/20/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/20/2023 - 8:54am

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National Security News Content:

2. Germany’s strategic timidity
3. The U.S. Lets Ambassador Posts Sit Empty for Years. China Doesn’t.
4. Don’t Fear Putin’s Demise
5. A drone cure for Russia’s artillery-killing ‘Penicillin’
6. Russia’s Irrational War in Ukraine Should Be a Warning for Predicting China’s Behavior
7. New twist in China’s 5G war with the West
8. Japan’s three-in-one missile trained on China
9. Samantha Power, head of USAID, announces new development fund at Davos 2023
10. Panama has canceled registry to 136 Iran-linked vessels
11. Israeli X-Wing-Looking Loitering Munition To Be Tested By U.S. Special Ops
12. China in Our Backyard – A Wakeup Call
13. Giving Ukraine Modern NATO Weapons Is No Game Changer
14. Palantir CEO to those who don't support U.S. military work: 'Don't work here'
15. CIA director holds secret meeting with Zelensky on Russia’s next steps
16. Calls to Designate IRGC as Terrorist Organization Grow in the UK
17. Opinion | Xi’s course correction reveals an agile autocrat under pressure
18.  Who Would Win a War Over Taiwan?
19. 3 Active-Duty Marines Who Work in Intelligence Arrested for Alleged Participation in Jan. 6 Riot
20. Fort Bragg will get a new name by the end of the year
21. Taiwan premier, cabinet submit resignations ahead of reshuffle
22. Learning to Train: What Washington and Taipei Can Learn from Security
23. U.S. cable: Russian paramilitary group set to get cash infusion from expanded African mine
24. Competition Campaigning: What It Looks Like and Implications for US Special Operations Command

Korean News Content:

1. Recommendations on North Korea Policy and Extended Deterrence
2. The New North Korean Threat
3. Experts: South Korea Seeks Enhanced US Nuclear Assurances Against North Korea
4. Warning lights flash faster and brighter on the Korean Peninsula
5. What's Needed to Put Nukes in S. Korea? It's Time to Start Planning, New Report Says
6. Yoon Comment Sparks Diplomatic Row Between South Korea, Iran
7. Food Insecurity in North Korea Is at Its Worst Since the 1990S Famine
8. The US has a new nuclear proliferation problem: South Korea
9. South Korea Grounds Its Position in the Central and East European Defense Market (Part One)
10. Yoon reaffirms commitment to nuclear treaty in Davos
11. South Korea Leader Dials Back Comments on Developing Nuclear Weapons
12. S. Korean Army chief to visit U.S. for talks with American counterpart
13. North Korea passes new defense budget



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