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11/9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 11/09/2023 - 3:35pm

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. officials pick Greenbelt, Md., for new FBI national headquarters

2. Israel says it will maintain 'overall security responsibility' for Gaza. What might that look like?

3. US launches airstrike on Syria site linked to Iranian-backed militants

4. Taiwan’s Most Pressing Challenge Is Strangulation, Not Invasion

5. What Does the U.S. Space Force Actually Do?

6. Israel Must Destroy Hamas’s Tunnels

7. How the World Lost Faith in the UN

8. Military officers used prostitution ring that checked IDs, credit cards, employers

9. Three Arrested for Operating High-End Brothel Network (DOJ Press Release)

10. Five Scenarios for How Israel-Hamas War Could End — Or Get Even Worse

11. Most young vets think it’s time to retire ‘Thank you for your service’

12. Israeli troops fight Hamas in north Gaza, hospitals in firing line

13. Wars in Ukraine and Mideast Show Why the US Needs to Dominate the Drone Industrial Base

14. Rare Earths in the South China Sea: Adding Fuel to the Geopolitical Fire

15. China’s State Security Departments and Nationwide System

16. An Irregular Use of Military Force: Stability Policing Operations

17. Philippines drops China's Belt and Road as tensions flare

18. Republican senator calls for TikTok ban, cites influence on Israel-Hamas war opinions

19. US plans to build a $553 million terminal at Sri Lanka's Colombo port in rivalry with China

20. The Devil Went Down to Georgia: Executing Cyberspace Resistance to Counter Russia

21. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 8, 2023

22. Iran Update, November 8, 2023

Korean News Content:

1. Top diplomats of S. Korea, U.S. to hold talks amid tightening N.K.-Russia military ties

2. U.S. envoy calls for human rights dialogue with N. Korea after regime's criticism of her activities

3. ‘China hacked S. Korean foreign ministry emails last year’

4. U.N. committee unveils draft resolution on N. Korea's human rights violations

5. For the first time since 1948, North Koreans given a choice in an election

6. A Closer Look at Kim Jong-un's Limited Public Appearances in October: Is a Satellite Launch on the Horizon?

7. Kim Family Spends Billions on Luxury Imports Amidst North Korean Starvation Crisis

8.China Bends to Seoul’s Demands on Tracking Fishing Boats

9. Japan-South Korea Cooperation Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict Proves Benefits of Trilateral With US

10. N. Koreans maimed or killed by landmines during defection attempts

11. Seoul Eyes Hiking Trails for Tourists in the Demilitarized Zone Dividing Korea, Even as Peace Prospects Look Dimmer Than Ever