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1/15/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 01/15/2023 - 12:11pm

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National Security News Content:


2. New Jersey requiring students to learn 'media literacy' to fight 'disinformation'

3. The sun is crackling with ‘solar flares’. Here’s what that means.

4. Rare earths find in Sweden: A gamechanger?

5. Former Russian president says Japanese leader should disembowel himself

6. Hate speech rises on Twitter in its largest markets after Musk takeover

7. UK to send Apache helicopters and modern tanks to Ukraine

8. The Taiwanese Expedition – Xi Jinping has read Thucydides. Have the China hawks?

9. US should help arm Taiwan with missiles to destroy Shanghai, says ex-general

10. Call for PLA to use AI for ‘smart deterrence’ against US over Taiwan

11. Logistical challenge looms for Ukraine over promised tanks

12. Pentagon Balks at Sending Ukraine Long-Range Bombs

13. To Make Japan Stronger, America Must Pull It Closer

14. Joint Statement of the 2023 U.S.–Japan Security Consultative Committee ("2+2")

15. Japan Coast Guard’s rising role in a rules-based Indo-Pacific

16. Will the Ukraine war slow Russia’s Arctic push?

17. Japan sells Tokyo as US linchpin of security against China, Russia

18. GOP officially launches probe into chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

19. MLK Jr.’s dream not yet achieved, but still attainable, advocates say

20. From phishing scams to propaganda: How Russia, rogue nations utilize cyber capabilities against the US

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korean nuclear test inevitable, China unwilling and unable to help: Victor Cha

2. N. Korea to hold key parliamentary meeting this week

3. S. Korea seeks formal consultations with US, EU on NK human rights

4. South Korea, US in talks on how to modernize UN Command: ministry

5. Yoon Suk Yeol takes economic diplomacy to Davos Forum

6. Yoon says he expects 'big achievements' from UAE visit

7. UAE announces decision to invest US$30 bln in S. Korea

8. Yoon meets with S. Korean troops of Akh unit in UAE

9. N. Korea slams U.N. secretary-general's comment on its 'unlawful' nuclear weapons program

10. S. Korean population falls for 3rd consecutive year in 2022

11. Koreans' per capita spending on luxury goods highest in world

12. Does the American Dream still exist? ( A Korean view)

13. Japanese prime minister vows to resolve any issues with Korea

14. Undeterred giant – China slammed for 'emotional' retaliation (Against South Korea)

15. [Column] How not to keep fighting yesterday’s war (South Korea)



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