Small Wars Journal

1/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/13/2023 - 9:46am

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National Security News Content:


2. US spies lag rivals in seizing on data hiding in plain sight

3. Pentagon Says Policy on Taiwan Strait Transits Is Unchanged Despite 2022 Decline

4. The World Needs More Nuclear Power

5. Ukraine's Battlefields Are Freezing. Here's What That Means for the War.

6. Russia says its forces capture Soledar in east Ukraine

7. China COVID peak to last 2-3 months, hit rural areas next - expert

8.  The PLA’s People Problem

9. More can be done to ban US government use of Chinese drones

10. Ukraine live briefing: Russia’s Defense Ministry claims control of Soledar; Civilians trapped in ‘bloodbath’

11. Survey finds ‘classical fascist’ antisemitic views widespread in U.S.

12. What is the Wagner Group, the mercenary organization working for Russia in Ukraine?

13. Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III's Meeting With Japanese Minister of Defense Hamada Yasukazu at the Pentagon

14. Crenshaw, Waltz introduce joint resolution to give Biden military authority to combat cartels

15. The propaganda of “propaganda”

16.  Taiwan must not suffer the same fate as Ukraine

17. Moscow Shakes Up Command of Its Forces in Ukraine (Again)

18. Army special operators face drug investigation at Fort Bragg

19. House China committee’s mission: Military imbalance is foremost among many challenges

20. No Escape: Camp Survivor Describes Life Under House Arrest in Xinjiang

21. Despite Everything You Think You Know, America Is on the Right Track

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. remains fully committed to defense of S. Korea with extended deterrence: Pentagon

2. Support for Nuclear Weapons Is Growing in South Korea

3. North Korea has 80-90 nuclear weapons: Seoul researchers

4. N. Korea likely to continue provocations despite completely failed economy: Amb. Cho

5. South Korean President Says Country Could Develop Nuclear Weapons

6. S. Korea capable of developing nuclear prototype within six months

7. Japan Should Take Responsibility for 'Comfort Women' Now

8. Report: Donald Trump Wanted to Nuke North Korea and Then Blame It on Another Country

9. Did Crazy Donald Trump Almost Start a Nuclear War with North Korea?

10. S.Korea, U.S. Practice Attacking N.Korea's WMD Facilities

11. Does S.Korea Need Its Own Nuclear Weapons?

12. Police refer 23 people to prosecution after investigating Itaewon crowd crush

13. Biden says 'Katchi Kapshida' on Korean American Day

14. NK human rights groups urge president to allow loudspeaker broadcasts, leaflets

15. A different take on Pak Jong Chon’s supposed sacking

16. N. Korean military targets military wives for ideological “laxness”

17. N. Korea delivered gifts celebrating Kim Jong Un’s birthday to the elite of the elite




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