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11/28/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/28/2023 - 7:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. How Hamas built a force to attack Israel on 7 October
2. Israel investigates an elusive, horrific enemy: Rape as a weapon of war
3. Extend the Cease-Fire in Gaza—but Don’t Stop There
4. China Takes Advantage of a New Era of World War
5. Unforgettable Episodes From a 21-Day Covert Assignment in Myanmar
6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 27, 2023
7. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, November 27, 2023
8. US military to fly aid to Gazans as WH warns of next phase of war
9. In race to make artillery shells, US, EU see different results
10. Tip of the Spear - USSOCOM, October 2023 | SOF News
11. The Masterminds (House China Committee)
12. Freed Israeli hostage describes deteriorating conditions while being held by Hamas
13. Tensions are bubbling up at thirsty Arizona alfalfa farms as foreign firms exploit unregulated water
14. Ukraine’s new enemy: war fatigue in the West
15. Attacks on US troops in Middle East have diminished, Pentagon says
16. Intercepted calls from the front lines in Ukraine show a growing number of Russian soldiers want out
17. Army releases first doctrinal publication focused on information
18. Delay in China’s Annual Fall Party Plenum Meeting: A Sign of Deepening Institutional Erosion?
19. What to watch as Congress negotiates final defense policy bill
20. Air Samurai: Is Naval Aviation Overtraining Pilots in the Age of Automation?
21. A Stalemate Strategy for Ukraine
22. Erasing Tibet
23. Marine Infantry veteran says enlisted shouldn't become officers — mayhem ensues

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon vows stronger deterrence against N.K. nuclear threat
2. The Plot to Kill Kim Jong Un
3. N. Korea says spy satellite took photos of White House, Pentagon, key U.S. naval base
4. U.S. says N. Korean actions along DMZ increasing risk of military tensions, miscalculations
5. S. Korea pushes for using commercial satellites in military communication
6. N. Korea reports 1st opposing votes in local elections in decades
7. South Korea’s Surprisingly Successful China Policy
8. Rights experts criticize China for denying torture in North Korea
9.  N. Korean soldiers in truce village armed with pistols: sources
10. Yoon expected to shake up Cabinet, presidential office starting next week
11. Top U.S. envoy says 'tremendous' bipartisan support in America for trilateral cooperation with S. Korea, Japan
12. S. Korea's heavyweights like ex-U.N. chief Ban to make final presentation to clinch 2030 World Expo
13. N. Korea reposts troops and artillery in 11 GP
14.  South warns North it will respond to provocations 'without hesitation'
15. Kim's daughter might have been named successor, says defector-turned-lawmaker
16. 'Unification Papers' for new Korea