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11/2/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 11/02/2023 - 9:26am

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National Security News Content:

1. Memes vs. Missiles? Cognitive Access Denial and the North Korea Problem
2. The Army needs to invest in psychological operations, not cut them
3. Personnel cuts and force redesign ahead for Army special operations
4. Special Operations Forces Reference Manual, Fifth Edition
5. Report: Special operations forces need to rethink language training
6. Marine Corps Command in Charge of Middle East Cancels Annual Ball Due to 'Unforeseen Operational Commitments'
7. To solve national security problems, the US may have to rethink higher education
8. Janet Yellen made the worst mistake in Treasury history when she failed to lock in cheap debt, elite investor Stanley Druckenmiller says
9. Frustrated Zelensky Says Ukraine’s War Effort Is Being Underestimated
10. A Platform Storing TikTok Corporate Secrets Was Inspected By The Chinese Government
11. Import records illuminate Ukraine’s desperate hunt for arms and ammo
12. U.K. MPs propose mandatory training to prevent Chinese spies
13. Al-Aqsa Storm Heralds the Rise of Non-state Special Operations
14. The Weaponization of Language in Irregular Warfare: Moldova, a Case Study
15. Israeli army battles Hamas fighters in drive towards Gaza City
16. Republicans confront Tuberville over military holds in extraordinary showdown on Senate floor
17. The Hamas War Is Far More Dangerous to Israel Than the Yom Kippur War
18. China, U.S. to Meet for Rare Nuclear Arms-Control Talks
19. Israel’s New Calculus: Strike Hamas at All Costs
21. Poll: U.S. public's support for Ukraine begins to wane
22. Senior Pentagon official calls on DOD components to more fully embrace irregular, asymmetric warfare
23. What the Pentagon Has, Hasn't and Could Do to Stop Veterans and Troops from Joining Extremist Groups
24. How an AI company parsed misinformation early in Israel-Hamas war
25.  Ukraine has taken 17,000 Russians off the battlefield without firing a shot, US Army special-ops general says 
26. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: November
27. Why the Philippines is exiting the Belt and Road
28. Modernization Theory and the Delusions of American Strategy
29. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 1, 2023
30. Iran Update, November 1, 2023

Korean News Content:

1. Memes vs. Missiles? Cognitive Access Denial and the North Korea Problem
2. N. Korea could stage provocations to divert domestic attention: defense chief
3. S. Korean military says N. Korea might have provided Russia with short-range ballistic missiles
4. N Korea has shipped 1 million shells to Russia: S Korea intel
5. Pregnant woman among 4 N. Koreans who crossed maritime border
6. S. Korea urges Pyongyang to resume regular contact via inter-Korean liaison line
7. N. Korean defector talks about experience in holding center for forced returnees (Part 2)
8. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: November - KOREA
9. 5 S. Koreans from Gaza arrived in Egypt via Rafah border: ministry
10. Odd bedfellows: North Korea, Arab world support Palestine for different reasons
11. South Korea, U.S. mark alliance with rap song, fashion and beer
12. Family members of S. Korean detainees in N. Korea recognized as victims of abduction
13. N. Korea appears to have resumed regular flights to Beijing
14. Xi says 'willing to make bigger contributions' in letter to NK leader
15. A country whose 51% of population lives in capital and nearby region
16. North imports record amount of wine and whiskey, despite sanctions
17. ‘More to this place than barbed wire’: South Korea reimagines its DMZ as a path towards peace | North Korea