Small Wars Journal

11/22/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/22/2021 - 9:04am

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National Security News Content:

1. Kissinger doesn’t see China as an immediate military threat to Taiwan
2. 2021 Lowy Lecture | Jake Sullivan (And possible implications for the NSS)
3. ‘No ground for cockiness’: Tough love for U.S. at pro-democracy conference
4. Afghanistan fiasco shows US military encourages lapdog generals, retired colonel says: The Last 96 | Fox News
5. Palau faces the dragon
6. The ramifications of Russia’s reckless anti-satellite test
7. Senior Pentagon official warns the US military is 'not ready' for climate change
8. Waiting for Attribution in Cyberspace: A Tragicomedy
9. How Peng Shuai Went From ‘Chinese Princess’ to Silenced #MeToo Accuser
10. An American hellscape: Afghan evacuations take toll on veterans, volunteers
11. Marine Corps compliance with vaccine mandate on course to be military’s worst
12. The Taliban is No ‘Partner,’ Says Top US Special Ops Commander
13. IntelBrief: Fallout from the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict - The Soufan Center
14. Opinion | Just Because You Don’t Believe in Conspiracy Theories Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Right
15. Russia Won’t Let Ukraine Go Without a Fight
16. Decoding the CCP: BRI means Bribery and Repression Initiative
17. How Biden Should Navigate Palestine’s Succession Crisis
18. Lebanon Loses a Pillar of Independent Journalism
19. Cyberwarfare era calls for security rethink: Estonian ex-president
20. U.S. Intel Shows Russia Plans for Potential Ukraine Invasion
21. Inside The 1,000-Year-Old Samurai Code That Still Influences Japanese Culture Today
22. Assessing Contemporary Deterrence Parallel to Netflix’s Squid Game
23. Scholar calls on Taiwan to learn from Israel in field of defense

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea calls for glorifying Kim's era as mass movement conference closes
2. Air Force deployed fighters after Russia, China enter Kadiz
3. End of Korean War Declaration: Why Just Words on Paper Won't Matter
4. How Useful Is North Korea’s Railroad Missile Launching System?
5. North Korea sentences two cadres to life sentences for smuggling rice from China
6. N. Korea yet to reopen land border with China: unification ministry
7.  North Korea organizes inspection teams to ensure smooth distribution of money vouchers
8. Pursuing unification of two Koreas is already too late, says Lee
9. Inside South Korea’s real ‘Squid Game’ of debt, shame and social pressure
10. Assessing Contemporary Deterrence Parallel to Netflix’s Squid Game
11. Should US support ROK's nuclear armament?
12. Korea and Taiwan



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