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11/2/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 8:54am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (01.11.22) CDS comments on key events
3. Ukrainian Commandoes Raid Airfield Deep Inside Russia, Destroy Frontline Helicopters
4. Ukraine war will make China think twice about invading Taiwan
5. Why Biden is sending US weapons experts into Ukraine
6. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: November
7. Ukraine Situation Report: Attacks Behind Russian Lines Crippling War Effort
8. Ukraine's Unprecedented Mass Drone Boat Attack Was A Wakeup Call
9. Russian Retreat in Ukraine Exposes Collaborators—and the Finger-Pointing Begins
10. The Nuclear Question America Never Answers
11. Iran may be preparing to arm Russia with short-range ballistic missiles
12. Relearning the ASEAN Way: On the Importance of Perspective in Multilateralism
13. Is Nepal Under China’s Thumb?
14. Preventing Wars is as Important as Winning Them: Lessons From Past Naval Strategies
15. Why Vladimir Putin Would Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine
16. US Inspectors in Ukraine Won't Be Near the Front, Pentagon Says
17. The Real China Hands
18.  Ukraine grain export deal back on as Russia resumes participation
19. China and Russia prepare to turn Cold War II into a hot war
20. Rubio, Gallagher, Hagerty, and McCaul Express Concern Over Indo-Pacific Force Posture
21. Professionalizing Special Operations Forces
22. Advanced Drone Tech Poses Threat to Special Forces in Middle East

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires 3 SRBMs toward East Sea, one flying over NLL: S. Korean military
2. N. Korea's 1st firing of missile into area near S. Korean territorial waters 'intolerable': Seoul military
3. United Nations Command: A Nuisance or a Cornerstone of Stability on the Korean Peninsula? | Center for Asia Pacific Strategy
4. North and South Korea fire missiles off each other's coasts for first time
5. Yoon calls for swift action to make N.K. pay price for missile launch
6. North Korea fires at least 17 missiles, including first to land close to South's territorial waters
7. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: November (KOREA)
8. Better call Seoul: U.S. watches nervously as Europe turns to South Korea for weapons
9. North Korea Brackets the South With a Barrage of Missiles
10. DP demands sacking of interior minister, national police chief
11. President Yoon’s “Audacious Plan”: Neither Audacious nor a Plan, but Still Right
12. Nuclear Test? Why North Korea Could Start a New Crisis
13. North Korea Warns of ‘Consequences’ for South Korea-US Joint Military Exercises
14.  North Korea fires 23 missiles, one landing off South Korean coast for first time