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1/12/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/12/2022 - 9:49am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: January (December 4, 2021-January 11, 2022)
2. US Army to conduct a two-week 'guerilla war' training exercise
3. How a Beltway naval breakfast sparked China’s ire over Taiwan
4. The U.N.’s final solution to the Israel question
5. President Biden’s Tax & Antitrust Philosophy Is At War With His National Security Strategy
6. Watchdog to Audit Military's Screening for Extremists at Enlistment
7. The security consequences of America’s focus on China
8. Foreign policy analysts say US military needs to prepare for China-Russia ‘axis’
9. Australia’s Strategic Offensive
10. Opinion | What I Learned When I Tried to Close Guantanamo
11. The hero of Jan. 6 whose name must not be spoken
12.  As the U.S. and Russia talk, Ukrainian troops brace for war, and they're "ready for battle"
13. The Future of Global Population
14. Whatever Happened to Soft Power? by Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
15. Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in Britain, US
16. Justice Dept. forms new domestic terrorism unit to address growing threat
17. China is using economic coercion as blackmail. The US and EU must fight back | Opinion
18. Opinion | Afghanistan Is in Meltdown, and the U.S. Is Helping to Speed It Up
19. Yale, Georgetown, Other Top Schools Illegally Collude to Limit Student Financial Aid, Lawsuit Alleges
20. Undersea cable connecting Norway and Arctic satellite station is mysteriously damaged

Korean News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: Korea
2. N. Korea says it has succeeded in final test-firing of hypersonic missile
3. N.Korea's Kim calls for more 'military muscle' after watching hypersonic missile test
4. North Korea raises stakes with new Mach-10 hypersonic missile test
5. North Korea’s second missile launch of new year feeds hypersonic fears
6. Moon not considering attending Beijing Olympics: Cheong Wa Dae
7. U.S. allows S. Korea to pay compensation to Iranian investor over ISDS ruling
8. U.N. Command to suspend Panmunjom tours again amid coronavirus concerns
9. WFP says its food aid to N. Korea remains halted since last March
10. U.S. condemns N. Korean missile launch, urges N. Korea to engage in dialogue: Psaki
11. UNSC fails to come up with a response regarding N. Korea’s missile launch
12. N. Korea launches hypersonic missile 6 days after ballistic missile launch
13. North crows about hypersonic 'glide vehicle'
14. Corea Image Communication Institute hosts annual awards
15. Will North Korea sway South Korea's presidential election?
16. South Korea succeeds in developing missile defense system for aircraft
17. Desperate Kim Jong Un Pleads With Citizens to Make More Poop
18. The Price North Korea Must Pay for An End of War Declaration