Small Wars Journal

11/19/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 9:16am

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National Security News Content:

1. Beijing’s propagandists flounder as the world asks, ‘Where is Peng Shuai?’
2.  China Can’t Censor Away Growing Anger Over Athlete’s #MeToo Accusation
3. Perspective | The WTA cares enough about Peng Shuai to stand up to China. Does anyone else?
4. Opinion | The battle to protect Taiwan’s democracy is already underway
5. Pentagon Quietly Puts More Troops in Taiwan
6. Biden says U.S. ‘considering’ diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics in China
7. Prominent scientist who said lab-leak theory of covid-19 origin should be probed now believes evidence points to Wuhan market
8. Why China, Russia, and other autocracies may wield an AI advantage in global cyberwars
9. Analysts: Beijing Behind Rise of Chinese Private Security Companies Worldwide
10. War by Timeframe: Responding to China’s Pacing Challenge
11. Anchorage will be the new home for DoD Arctic Security Studies
12. Book excerpt: ‘Gaza Conflict 2021′ dives into ‘war between wars’
13. Marines end crisis response force rotations in Africa, Middle East in favor of airlifting Army troops
14. Japan is prepared to pay more to support US forces, according to local report
15. 94% of active duty Marines at least partially vaccinated as deadline looms
16. Here’s why Marine expeditionary units could soon take a hit
17. A Discussion with Major General James F. Glynn: The CG of MARSOC
18. The Washington Conference 100 Years Later: Averting Great-Power Conflict in Asia
19. FDD | Confronting Kremlin and Communist Corruption
20. FDD | Poor Cybersecurity Makes Water a Weak Link in Critical Infrastructure
21. Iranian dissidents win right to protest against nuke talks in Vienna
22. Fort Bragg's Special Forces, Psychological Operations, Civil Affairs induct honorary members
23. Why This Singer Is the Only Woman Buried In Fort Bragg's Special Forces Cemetery
24. Confronting the Kremlin's New Hybrid War in Europe
25. ‘Where we belong’: Bond forged in war lands Afghan commando's family in Pennsylvania
26. I’m a Defense Industry Worker. It’s Time to Cut the Pentagon Budget.

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea, U.S. in final-stage talks over end-of-war declaration: unification minister
2. North Korean soldiers face punishment for calling South Korea by its official name
3. 5th Conference of Frontrunners in Three Revolutions opens
4. S. Korea to establish new information center on unification
5. Make Release of Six South Koreans Detained in North Korea Top Priority
6. Moon testing valuable U.S.-ROK relationship with demand to end Korean War
7. US, Japan reaffirm importance of trilateral cooperation with S.Korea
8. US designates North Korea as state violator of religious freedom
9. Why Did the 2015 Japan-Korea ‘Comfort Women’ Agreement Fall Apart?
10. N. Korea has more than 100,000 people with COVID-19 symptoms quarantined in state facilities
11. North Korea's food prices fall as new goods hit the market
12. Lessons from history: the Taft-Katsura meeting
13. Time for South Korea to abandon the “middle power” moniker
14. Experts: China May Attempt to Use North Korea to Counter US
15. North Korea’s Moral Challenge to President Biden



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