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11/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/13/2023 - 8:13am

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National Security News Content:

1. Irregular Warfare:  Undermining the CCP’s Dangerous and Illegal Activities in the Indo-Pacific
2. 5 U.S. Special Operations Troops Killed in Helicopter Crash in Mediterranean
3. Hamas Needed a New Way to Get Money From Iran. It Turned to Crypto.
4. Israeli Ambassador Says Humanitarian Pauses Are Revealing Palestinians 'Don't Like Us But They Don't Like Hamas Either'
5. Battle Lines Are Drawn as the Israel-Hamas War Spills Onto US Campuses
6. Creation of an Independent Inspector General outside of the DoD
7. Saudis and 8 More Arab Countries Block Anti-Israel Measures at Arab Summit
8. Anti-Defamation League Maps Jewish Peace Rallies With Antisemitic Attacks
9. Ukraine’s counter-offensive has failed for now – the West needs a new plan
10. With American patriotism in steep decline, veterans discuss the importance of honoring those who've served
11. Russian military officer predicts how nuclear war with NATO could beginR
12. This New Tool Aims to Keep Terrorism Content Off the Internet
13. Military training efforts for Ukraine hit major milestones even as attention shifts to Gaza
14. How America Can Capitalize on China’s Economic Slowdown
15. Honor veterans by following their lead into public service
16. New report reveals major problem at more than 200 US military bases: ‘Hundreds more [communities] are likely at risk’
17. Hamas won Oct. 7, then IDF new integrated warfare took over - analysis
18. Is Military Space-Based Jamming Normal? Some Worry It Is
19. DOD Identifies Army Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash

Korean News Content:

1. Defense Vision of the U.S.-ROK Alliance
2. 55th Security Consultative Meeting Joint Communique
3. Secretary of Defense Joint Press Conference With Republic of Korea (ROK) Minister of National Defense
4. S. Korea, U.S. revise 'tailored deterrence strategy' on N. Korea
5. N. Korea slams S. Korea-UNC defense chief meeting as attempt for 'new war of aggression'
6. S. Korea, US revise deterrence strategy amid growing NK threats
7. S. Korea, US to step up data sharing on NK missiles
8. Defense chief hails UNC troops' sacrifice ahead of ministerial meeting with UNC member states
9. Yoon calls for combined defense posture should North conduct a Hamas-style attack
10. If Trump returns (potential effects on the ROK)
11. North Korea calls UN command a 'war tool' of U.S., repeats demand for its dissolution
12. US, S Korea elevate ties to global alliance amid security challenges
13. <Inside N. Korea>Speaking to a Border Guard (1) Landmine Burial at the Korea-China Border? “Even soldiers are afraid because they don’t know where they’re buried”
14. Korean War veteran still attempting to get Purple Heart