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1/11/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/11/2022 - 9:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russia Thinks America Is Bluffing - To Deter a Ukraine Invasion, Washington’s Threats Need to Be Tougher
2. Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’
3. The Crackdown in Kazakhstan Is a Win for Russia (Or Is It?)
4. Is the U.S. Military Actually Ready for a War?
5. Stabilizing Great Power Rivalries
6. An Unauthorized War - The Shaky Legal Ground for the U.S. Operation in Syria
7. Pacific may be most likely to see 'strategic surprise' -U.S. policymaker Campbell
8. China appoints chief of Xinjiang’s Armed Police Force to Hong Kong
9.  Denying The Inevitable: Why The West Refuses To Accept China’s Superpower Status – OpEd
10. US can't tell if Russia using talks as pretense for war
11. Russia talks buy time for Ukraine but stark disagreements signal dead-end ahead (and key State Dept comments)
12. Syria Faces Omicron Amid a Shortage of Vaccines
13. FDD | Iran’s Inflation Rate in 2022 Will Depend on Fate of Nuclear Negotiations
14. Normalization is the new normal for the UAE and Israel
15. Air Force general calls B.S. on social media claims that female special ops trainee got ‘preferential treatment’
16. China makes a show of opening up the internet for the Olympics
17. The Metaverse Offers Much Potential For Terrorists and Extremists
18. New law gives veterans, Gold Star Families free lifetime access to America's national parks
19. Liberal elites want us to care about Jan. 6. But they don't care that our cities are burning | Opinion

Korean News Content:

1. N Korea fires possible missile into sea amid stalled talks
2. N. Korea's improved ballistic missile traveled at Mach 10: JCS
3. Kim Jong Un-ism: Leader seeks 'new' ideology for North Korea
4. N. Korean General Staff Department colonel allegedly stole 200 tons of oil over several years
5. N. Korea tests second ‘advanced’ missile in less than a week: Seoul
6. Flights briefly grounded at West Coast airports over suspected North Korean missile test
7. North Korea’s provocations have little effect on presidential race: experts
8. North launches missile as world reacts to last week's
9. Analysis: N.Korea looks to risky pre-fuelled missiles to reduce launch time
10. Joint Statement on the January 5 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launch
11. Former Top US Commander in Korea Urges Allies to Include China in War Plans
12. Yoon cites preemptive strike as option to deal with N.K. threat
13. Lee Seung-bok’s “I don’t like communism” and North Korean Operatives’ Massacre of Lee’s Family
14. Anti-communist remarks lead to Starbucks Korea boycott
15. North Korean Proliferation Financing and Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions
16. Moon expresses concern over N. Korea's repeated missile launches ahead of election
17. <Inside N. Korea> Special security for Jong-un's birthday for the first time: A reflection of social unrest. No celebratory events. Residents: "How did the special rations go?"
18. How Uygur and North Korea human rights activists can join forces to keep slave-made goods out of your closet