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11/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 11/10/2023 - 8:11am

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National Security News Content:

1. Whistling in the Dark: Why the Pentagon’s Joint Concept for Competing is Not Enough
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 9, 2023
3.  How scary is China? America must understand China’s weaknesses as well as its strengths
4. What Will Xi Jinping's 'Great Purge' Mean for China's Military?
5. U.S. needs containment, not engagement, to win the new Cold War with China
6. Taiwan Follows Ukraine’s Naval Strategy; Developing Kamikaze Boats To Keep China’s PLA-Navy At Bay
7. The Evolution of Intelligence Operations in Support of Irregular Warfare
8. Bill Hunt: Missing in action; never forgotten
9. How Green Berets Became the US Army's Elite Special Forces
10. Philippines, US start defense drill joined by Japan, S.Korea, UK
11. Mobile and resilient, the US military is placing a new emphasis on ground troops for Pacific defense
12. FBI Accuses Biden Appointee of Bias in Selection of Headquarters Site
13. These are 3 popular misconceptions about the Navy SEALs
14. The US media’s moral blindness over Hamas is showing, and it isn’t pretty
15. The Washington Post Really Wants You to Trust Hamas -
16. Iran Update, November 9, 2023
17. China has a sweeping vision to reshape the world — and countries are listening
18. Kennan: The Fallible Prophet We Need
19. What’s really at the root of anti-Jewish hate on college campuses
20. Israel agrees to humanitarian pauses, but gulf with U.S. remains
21. Waugh We Fight

Korean News Content:

1. US, S Korea vow to bolster alliance to confront global challenges
2. S. Korea to honor fallen U.N. Korean War veterans in annual ceremony in Busan |
3. North Korea-Iran Relations Post-JCPOA
4. N. Korea calls U.S. 'war merchant' over support for Israel in war with Hamas
5. N. Korea's revision of election law does not mean guarantee of suffrage: Seoul
6  Seoul warns N. Korea over anti-Pyongyang leaflet campaign criticism
7. N. Korea’s national police agency hands down 4th quarter production quotas to reeducation camps
8. S. Korea joins int'l community for promoting crypto-asset reporting framework
9. North Korea operates 60 to 80 new military factories
10. Three and a half years left for President Yoon
11. Young Korean men try their luck in KATUSA lottery
12. Nat'l security advisers of Korea, US agree to push for meeting with Japanese counterpart
13. As Wars Rivet Attention to Israel and Ukraine, Don't Forget the North Koreans
14. Blinken, at Seoul Near the End of His Asian Swing, Agrees To Disagree With Korea on the Rights and Wrongs of War in Gaza
15. Korea hosts ASEAN-Plus cybersecurity training
16. Hamas Attack Gives South Korea ‘Wake-Up Call’ on Border Security
17. North Korea is "preparing" for war with nuclear weapons buildup