Small Wars Journal

1/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/10/2023 - 8:05am

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National Security News Content:

1. Asymmetric warfare as an antidote to Chinese aggression
3. Think tank simulation predicts ‘heavy’ losses on all sides, including US, if China invades Taiwan
4. Welcome to 2033: What the world could look like in ten years, according to more than 160 experts
5. Against Undiplomatic Diplomacy
6. Japan dives into rare earth mining under the sea
7. New worldwide threats prompt Pentagon to overhaul chem-bio defenses
8. The Largest Armies in the World
9. US Navy considers Cold War-era squadrons to boost readiness
10. The US Army Can Be the Joint Force's Contact Layer in the Pacific
11. Pentagon awards $40M ‘Vampire’ contract for Ukraine’s drone defenses
12. Ukraine Situation Report: US Strykers, Modern European Tanks On The Table For Kyiv
13. Obama’s Anti-Imperialist Fantasy Bears Bitter Fruit
14. Where US troops are currently deployed in a new era of global conflict
15. How AI Could Predict The Damage to Ukraine from Russian Missiles
16. US-led group of countries aiding Ukraine will convene again at Ramstein
17. Without Hesitation, Ukraine Goes Toe to Toe With Russia in Bakhmut
18. Pentagon prepares for series of GOP-led investigations
19. The tragic downward spiral of a special operations pilot
20. China claims to have mastered laser-powered drones
21.Opinion | What the right’s war on ‘wokeness’ in the military is really about

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Discloses “New” Nuclear Capabilities: Should We Be Worried?
2. North Korea may be using Iranian drones
3. Ukrainian PM says partnership with S. Korea continues to develop
4. Disused U.S. satellite misses Korea as it reenters atmosphere
5. Yoon threatens to send drones 'deep' into North Korea
6. South Korean drones sent to North was 'exercise of self-defense': military
7. [ANALYSIS] US may ask S. Korea to pay more for strategic assets
8.  Envoys show expectations for Korea's bigger role in Indo-Pacific
9. China suspends visas for South Koreans in virus retaliation
10. Will South Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Make a Difference?
11. Pentagon awards $40M ‘Vampire’ contract for Ukraine’s drone defenses
12. World Atlas: N. Korea has 4th Largest Army in the World
13.  S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm efforts to address IRA concerns in high-level consultations
14. Ministry requests defectors' restraint for anti-Pyongyang leaflet campaign using drones
15. Yoon's office keeps open communication channel with NK rights activists



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