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10.9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 10/09/2023 - 8:07am

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National Security News Content:

1. Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Over Several Weeks
2. US military to move a carrier strike group in support of Israel
3. Why Hamas Attacked—and Why Israel Was Taken by Surprise
4. What the Hamas Attack Means for Israel – Netanyahu Has Nothing but Bad Options
5. Israel Under Attack by Hamas | SOF News
6. How Hamas Outfoxed Israel's Iron Dome, A Nearly Impenetrable Air Defence
7. ‘There Were Terrorists Inside’: How Hamas’s Attack on Israel Unfolded
8. Iran Update, October 8, 2023
9. Ukraine "running rings" around Russia amid Crimea wins: Ex-general
10. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 8, 2023
11. Statement From Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III on U.S. Force Posture Changes in the Middle East
12. Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III's Call With Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant
13. Divergent Options: Writing Contest Results – The Taiwan Offensive
14.  Israel intensifies strikes and vows to besiege Gaza as it scours south for Hamas fighters
15. There Is No Consensus on American Decline in Beijing
16. Is Israel at War With Iran?
17. US expedites munitions for Israel, moves ships and aircraft into region after Hamas attack
18. Israel Faces Its 9/11
19. Opinion: In the name of health care freedom, millions of veterans may lose theirs
20. A father reflects on the death of his son during the 2017 Niger ambush
21. Israel and Palestinian war: What you need to know right now
22. How Hamas duped Israel as it planned devastating attack
23. Israel Orders Complete Siege of Gaza
24. Opinion | Hamas attack is an intelligence failure that may take Israel years to unravel
25. Special Operations News - October 9, 2023 | SOF News
26. What is Neoliberalism? David Harvey’s Philosophy

Korean News Content:

1. [Voice of America – Washington Talk] “Korea takes the ‘right approach’ to China... “North Korea’s collapse is inevitable.”
2.  New defense chief calls for firm readiness posture against N. Korea
3. Former S. Korean POW who escaped from N. Korea dies at 92
4. U.S. eases export controls on chip equipment for Samsung, SK factories in China
5. NORTH KOREA: ‘It is time for the international community to adopt a ‘human rights up front’ approach’
6. Seoul's nuclear envoy meets with Sweden's special envoy for Korean Peninsula
7.  Seoul sees no major disruptions in oil, gas imports amid Israel-Palestine conflict
8. Dark clouds of war casting over Israel give a lesson to South Korea
9. Three Pyongyang-based trade officials executed for corruption last month
10. US expert redoubles calls for sturdier deterrence against NK ICBM threats
11. Then and Now: A Naval Officer's Camera Captured Seoul During the Korean War
12. [World and Us] North Korea-China-Russia military cooperation and the role of the UNC
13. The life and death of Confucianism in Korea
14. Korean 'jeong' keeps people together through thick and thin
15. How the Travis King Saga Relates to the North Korea-Russia Summit
16. She squared off against a North Korean assassin – and lived to tell the tale
17. Peace Group's Application For Booth Rejected By NoVA Korea Festival
18. Inside North Korea’s plot to assassinate South Korean leader with explosives