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10/8/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 10/08/2022 - 1:40pm

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National Security News Content:


2.  Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (07.10.22) CDS comments on key events 

3. Massive blast cripples parts of Crimea-Russia bridge, in blow to Putin's war effort

4.  Himars Transform the Battle for Ukraine—and Modern Warfare

5. America’s Military Faces a ‘Window of Maximum Danger’

6. Educating Maritime Geostrategists for the Naval Services

7. U.S. Maritime Industry’s Expanded Reach is Not Without its Risks

8. A Marine who hated Muslims went to a mosque to plant a bomb. His intended victims ended up saving his life

9. The personal is political: Iran protests for a normal life

10. Putin confronted by insider over Ukraine war, U.S. intelligence finds

11. Experts: Russia finding new ways to spread propaganda videos

12. Russia must return Kuril Islands to Japan - Ukraine’s Parliament

13. The CIA Thought Putin Would Quickly Conquer Ukraine. Why Did They Get It So Wrong?

14. White House Tightens Rules on Counterterrorism Drone Strikes

15.  How much do Russians really support Putin and the war in Ukraine?

16. Special Operations Forces: Better Data Necessary to Improve Oversight and Address Command and Control Challenges

17. FBI and CISA Publish a PSA on Information Manipulation Tactics for 2022 Midterm Elections

18. Analysis | Washington’s Asia strategy leading up to the midterms: Keep calm and carry on

19. The U.S Army's Security Force Assistance Triad: Security Force Assistance Brigades, Special Forces and the State Partnership Program

20, 25 NC counties, including Wake, become ‘unconventional warfare exercise' site as Fort Bragg launches annual Special Forces test

Korean News Content:

​1. N. Korea's military claims to be 'gravely' watching Seoul-Washington aircraft carrier drills

2. N. Korea says its missile tests are 'self-defense' actions against U.S. threats

3. U.S. military footage shows arrival of new rotational force in Korea

4.  New COVID-19 cases fall to lowest Saturday tally in 3 months

5. What’s behind the sudden increase in missile tests from North Korea?

6. Satellites Can’t Get Information Into North Korea Now, but Could Have 20 Years Ago

7. North Korea’s 2022 Missile Activity: Implications for Alliance Security

8. Analysis | Washington’s Asia strategy leading up to the midterms: Keep calm and carry on

9. Analysis: North Korean missile launches are a test for Biden

10. Seoul must sternly counter Pyongyang’s airborne protest but avoid skirmish

​11. ​Is Kim Jong-un emulating Putin's saber-rattling?

12. S. Korea, US, Japan agree on more efforts against NK cryptocurrency theft

​13. ​Escapes increase as North Korean workers in Russia are told to ship out to Ukraine

​14. ​North Korea comes up short again on having enough food to feed its people