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10/7/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 10/07/2021 - 7:49am

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National Security News Content:

1. Lessons from the Philippines: Irregular Warfare in Action
2. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: September (August 28 – October 6, 2021)
3. Why China Is Alienating the World
4.  We Must Support Taiwan
5. Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on the Economic Consequences of Default on National Security and Military Families
6. Navy secretary’s new strategic guidance focuses on deterring China from invading Taiwan
7. How a misguided Vietnam analogy sealed the Afghanistan disaster
8. As China stumbles, the West must ask: what if its rise is not inevitable?
9. Don’t Arm the Afghan Resistance
10. The Fatal Flaw in the West’s Fight Against Autocracy
11. French senators visit Taiwan despite China protests
12. The hidden enemies in Xi’s midst
13. All calm in Taiwan in the face of Chinese threats
14. New Bond Can’t Take On Beijing’s Supervillains
15. Taiwan Says U.S. Commitment Is 'Rock Solid' After Biden Remark on China's Xi
16. FDD | The news from UNGA
17. FDD | An Iraqi Perspective on Israel
18. What’s At Stake In The Indo-Pacific
19. Why the World Can’t Abandon Taiwan
20. Japan, a Sleeping Giant of Global Affairs, Is Waking Up
21. Debate on ‘no first use’ of nukes mushrooms in Washington
22. World War III and IV? Why a U.S.-China War Might Have a Sequel
23. Desperate China backflips on Australia
24. The 9/11 Commission Said National Security Vacancies Were A Problem. Biden’s Pentagon Is ‘Far Worse’

Korean News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: KOREA
2. Korea expected to face reduced military capability: lawmaker
3. N. Korea vows to strengthen friendly ties with China
4. North Korea Exposes Hoarding Among Merchants to Force ‘Voluntary’ Donations
5. FM Chung stresses end-of-war declaration in talks with Blinken
6. Construction Activity Continues at Yongbyon’s Uranium Enrichment Plant
7. Amid coal shortages, Chinese traders on the hunt for more North Korean coal
8. North Korea: New Terminology Portends Ongoing Policy Shift
9. S. Korea launches advanced submarine rescue ship
10. S. Korean NSC discusses ways of reopening talks with North amid restored hotlines
11. Ministry approves 3 requests by civilian groups to provide humanitarian aid to N. Korea
12. WHO says it began shipment of COVID-19 medical supplies to N. Korea
13. Japan reports sighting of missile aboard North Korean ship in its waters
14. North Korea Trying to Hide Uranium Plant Expansion, Group Says
15. North Korea calls out US for ‘systematic racial discrimination’ after Border Patrol incident
16. ‘Two pedals’: North Korea sends conflicting messages with missile tests and hints of outreach
17. Trump's Security Aide Blasts Concessions to N.Korea
18. 26 Korean Words Added to Latest Oxford English Dictionary
19. Belittling Hangeul: Indiscriminate use of borrowed words hurts cultural pride