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10/3/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 10/03/2023 - 6:35pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Army's Wormuth: Congress will soon hear plans to revamp force structure, trim SOF
2. Opinion | The Secret Memo From the General Who Foresaw Black Hawk Down
3. China's propaganda paper revels in US division over Ukraine aid
4. Communist rappers are luring China’s disgruntled youth
5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 2, 2023
6. EXCLUSIVE: 55 Chinese sailors are feared dead after nuclear submarine 'gets caught in a trap'
7. A Tale of Two Systems: The Search for Relevant Military Health Care
8. Innovation, Technology, and the Future of National Defense: Preparing West Point Cadets and Faculty to Lead the US Army into Tomorrow
9. LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Military Professionalism
10. What do US Spies Do?  Don't Ask America's Espionage Chiefs
11. Who Killed the Chinese Economy?
12. Rightsizing the Russia Threat
13. Telling the Truth About Taiwan By Eliot A. Cohen
14. China Is Suffering a Brain Drain. The U.S. Isn’t Exploiting It.
15. Why the “Mother of the Atomic Bomb” Never Won a Nobel Prize
16. Divining Xi's behavior: It's all about power
17. China foreign policy grossly misunderstood in the West
18. Russia and China on collision course as Beijing rejects Putin's price hike
19. Another One Flies the Coop: Russian Government Pilot on Vacation Defects to the US
20. AI and the Future of Drone Warfare: Risks and Recommendations

Korean News Content:

1. [U.S.-ROK Alliance 70th Anniversary Planning] 2. “A strong and creative alliance… “Expanding international influence”
2. Ruling party vows to investigate China's alleged influence operations
3. Bipartisan Senate delegation to visit S. Korea, China, Japan this month
4. N. Korea spurs efforts to raise crop production during fall harvest season
5. Growing NK nuclear threat
6. N. Korea enshrines nuclear enhancement in constitution
7. Twenty-two Chinese nationals caught after illegal entry attempt (South Korea)
8. One step closer to complete isolation (north Korea)
9. North reaffirms satellite launch plan
10. North Korea Poses as Meta to Deploy Complex Backdoor at Aerospace Org
11. North Korea executes warehouse manager for stealing penicillin
12. Fleeing North Korea has never been harder, or costlier
13. South Korea: America’s Forgotten Ally?