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10/27/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 10/27/2021 - 8:43am

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National Security News Content:

1. In Taiwan war game, few good options for U.S. to deter China
2. Ready to Fight Tonight? Not So Much, Some Army Troops Say
3. Opinion | America’s Crumbling Global Position
4. US, China sparring over Taiwan heats up anew
5. Our Nation Needs Leaders. Veterans Must Rise and Serve Again
6. Too Many Civilians? Pentagon Officials and House Lawmaker Disagree
7. Nearly 200 Americans and thousands of Afghans who seek visas remain in Afghanistan nearly two months after US troops pulled out
8. Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Attack US Next Year, Pentagon Policy Chief Says
9. Beijing Says Taiwan Has 'No Right To Join The United Nations'
10. FDD | The Future Of Iran-EU Trade Is Not Bright
11. Erdogan’s Belligerence Has U.S., Greece Expanding Ties
12. FDD | Landmark Iran Sanctions Ruling Against Turkish Public Lender Builds U.S. Deterrence
13. FDD | US House’s one-sided approach to Yemen will only encourage violence, empower Iran
14. A long-delayed royal wedding reveals awkward truths about Japan
15. Facebook's Language Gaps Weaken Screening of Hate, Terrorism
16. Biden should end the confusion and say America will defend Taiwan
17. Five points for anger, one for a ‘like’: How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation
18. The Coming Democratic Revival

Korean News Content:

1. US 'appears to have drawn a line' at South Korea's push for end-of-war declaration
2. U.S., S. Korea aligned on N. Korea, but may differ on sequence of steps: NSA Sullivan
3. S. Korea, U.S. to continue 'serious and in-depth' talks on end-of-war declaration: official
4. N. Korea orders military training camps into "No. 1 combat posture"
5. North Korea's Lazarus Group Turns to Supply Chain Attacks
6. Cash-Starved North Korea Eyed in Brazen Bank Hack
7. Time to Pursue Arms Control With North Korea
8. North Korea Has a Plan to Open “General Stores” But Its Citizens Are Skeptical
9. Inside North Korea's Secret World Of Organized Crime
10. North Korea Calls U.N. Rights Investigator Report 'Malicious Slander'
11. Explainer: S.Korea sees peace declaration as key to restarting N.Korea talks
12. US service members work with local orphanage, immerse in Korean culture
13. China can and should help denuclearize N. Korea: Pentagon spokesman
14. N. Korea calls for implementing five-year economic plan at Cabinet meeting
15. Late ex-President Roh asks democracy uprising victims for forgiveness in last will
16. Unification minister calls for inter-Korean climate cooperation
17. S. Korea to hold state funeral for late ex-President Roh