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10/26/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 10/26/2023 - 10:14am

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National Security News Content:

1. Defense Leader Discusses Progress of National Defense Strategy
2. Ministers’ Sacking Shows Cracks in China’s Leadership
3. Analyzing "information campaigns" through an anachronistic lens
4. Israeli troops carry out hourslong ground raid into Gaza before an expected wider incursion
5. California Gov. Newsom has surprise meeting with China's leader Xi amid warm welcome in Beijing
6. Israel to delay ground invasion so US can position missile defense: Report
7. A Political Reawakening?
8. Israel, US are losing the influence war over Gaza—but the Palestinians aren’t winning
9. US wants to build more arms with Pacific allies
10. Biden's post-war plan: Talks on a two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 25, 2023
12. Iran Update, October 25, 2023
13. Hamas Fighters Trained in Iran Before Oct. 7 Attacks
14.  Qatar’s War for Young American Minds
15. Ukrainian Pilots Start Training on the F-16 in Arizona
16. The Disgrace of the United Nations on Israel
17. Can China Help in the Middle East?
18. Can Israel Win the Messaging War?
19. The five-front war that the US is unprepared to fight
20. New Rule of Law Index: Spread of Authoritarianism Slows But Justice Systems Are Failing
21. The Battle of the Tunnels is about to begin in Gaza
22. Time to Pull Back From The Mighty Greenback?
23.  What Palestinians Really Think of Hamas
24. Why Smart Leaders Do Stupid Things

Korean News Content:

1. US and allies confirm North Korea-Russia ‘deleterious’ arms deal
2.  South Korea, US and Japan condemn North Korea's alleged supply of munitions to Russia
3. PACAF Leaders Visit South Korea Bases and Talk Readiness
4. South Korea seeks to beef up annual amphibious drills with more US Marines
5. Korea, US launch joint rare earth project in Vietnam
6. <Inside N. Korea> A recent report on conditions at farms (4) Telescopic lens shows the present conditions in North Korea’s farming communities
7. Yoon vows to revive spirit of ex-president Park Chung-hee
8. Mother of Travis King, soldier charged with desertion to North Korea, says family plans to 'fight charges hard'
9. NK blames Israel over Gaza hospital blast
10.  Korea's democratic erosion
11. Ruling camp's reform
12. ‘NIS meddling in politics with claims of election hacking’: Democratic Party of Korea
13. How did the Koreans and Jews endure?
14. US House to adopt resolution for ‘Kimchi Day’
15. US Navy Special Operations in the Korean War
16. U.S. AI firm WEKA opens 1st Asia-Pacific regional office in Seoul
17. No imminent sign of N. Korea's spy satellite launch: unification ministry
18. Hyesan residents turn to soy milk to make kimchi this year
19. North Korean police arrest ten people for drug dealing